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provider Chinese Corner(成都汉语角)
Whom it aims at
The services Chinese Corner provides fit for Chinese learners of all different levels. Chinese Corner will help the beginners to form firm foundations and learn to pronounce in a correct way; for intermediates, it will assist them to reach the next level; for those advanced, Chinese Corner could afford them opportunities to challenge themselves and go deeper and fuller into the language. 
Tuition fee
Chinese Corner has competitive pricing that gets you the tutorship you need without putting a strain on your finances. Below is a schedule of tutoring prices for one hour of tutoring.

Individual Tutoring:
1 on 1 - 45 RMB per person (per hour)

Group Tutoring:
2 people in a group - 35 RMB per person (per hour)
3 people in a group - 30 RMB per person (per hour)
4 people in a group - 25 RMB per person (per hour)

Methods of Payment:
For now Chinese Corner only collects the money at its tutoring center in cash. After you register for classes and determine your tutoring schedule, it will calculate how much the next two weeks of tutoring will cost. According to its policy, it will collect the money when you start tutoring for the next two weeks or month. It will not give refunds but will allow you to reschedule a class or two if you are not able to make the times that you have previously scheduled.
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