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Summer Camp and Other Language and Culture Experience Program
  • Grade/level:Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level
  • Duration:2/4 weeks,all seasons, but especially in summer
  • Accommodation:Campus dormitory/hotel/home stay
  • Aims and Features:
    More than gaining knowledge and broadening mind, all sections of this program are to start an interaction-oriented mandarin learning experience abroad. 
1. Morning language classes: 3-4 hours class time each morning in
less than 5 class
less than 10 class
10-20 class
more than 20 class

2. Afternoon electives:2-3 hours each afternoon,designed to provide different perspectives of Chinese culture including Chinese Taiji, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese cooking, Chinese tea culture, Chinese paper cut and more.

3. Weekend cultural activities:4-5 hours each week, leading students to experience China's cultural heritage, the Chinese life-style and many chances to meet new friends abroad, including minority village survey, ancient town sightseeing, museum visiting, counties tour and more.

4. Immersion programs:encourage students to apply their acquired language skills (speaking, listening, and writing) in real life. To name a few, they will practice how to negotiate in the market with the knowledge learned in their
language classes, cook their own Chinese food with what they get from the market, make Chinese friends, topic-given talk with language exchange partners, present performances featuring Chinese culture and record their experience in China by writing letters to friends or parents, ect.
5. Home stay: for those who would like to share the real life of ordinary Chinese family which we choose carefully according to students’ demand. 
We provide
  1. professional language teachers who instruct listening, speaking, as well as reading and writing in interacted language class
  2. responsible assistants and language exchange partners who are ready to give help
  3. negotiable curriculum and activities designed for meet the special need
  4. flexible electives and relevant charge
  5. satisfied service of accommodation and tourism  
Program Fees
class teaching(1)
60/per hour/per person
class teaching(2)
50/per hour/per person
less than 5 class
class teaching(3)
40/per hour/per person
less than 10 class
class teaching(4)
30/per hour/per person
class teaching(5)
20/per hour/per person
More than 20 class
teaching materials(1)
100/per elective/per person
100/per person for books and printed paper
2 weeks duration:books and printed paper, materials for afternoon electives
teaching materials(2)
100/per elective/per person
200/per person for books and printed paper
4 weeks duration:books and printed paper, materials for afternoon electives
transportation and visiting (1)
200/per person
2 weeks duration: bus tickets and entrance tickets for weekend culture activities
transportation and visiting (2)
400/per person
4 weeks duration:bus tickets and entrance tickets for weekend culture activities
80/per day/per person
standard hotel room with 2 beds and toilet, 24 hours hot water, clean and safe, on the campus, + breakfast
50/per day/per person
lunch and dinner
15/per day/per person
home stay
80/per day/per person
bed & breakfast + some invited family activities
The Fees do not include:
  1. visa application
  2. medical insurance which we recommend strongly for self purchase
  3. travelling expenses before arrival/after leaving Dali
  4. airport/station pick up and send off
  5. personal spending

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