General study tour

provider E-DO Mandarin(易都汉语)

Target:adults who has interest in Chinese, from 18 to 55          Fee: 15000RMB (exclude round-trip ticket and insurance)

Sample itinerary

  Morning Afternoon
Day1 Local orientation, welcome reception, current Chinese level test Visit The Bund and Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Day2 Mandarin course Visit Xin Tian Di -Unique Shi Ku Men
Day3 Mandarin course Visit Yu Garden and Old Shanghai
Day4 Visit Tongli (ancient town of Suzhou )  
Day5 Scene Dialogue(Shopping and bargain) Visit Qipu Road Market and practice scene dialogue
Day6 Mandarin course Prepare for the trip of Suzhou
Day7 Visit Suzhou (Lingering Garden  Tiger hill  Grand canal )  
Day8 Mandarin course  Visit Shanghai museum
Day9 Mandarin course Visit Nanjing Road
Day10 Introduction about Chinese calligraphy Visit Jade Buddha Temple
Day11 Mandarin course Prepare for the trip of Hangzhou
Day12 Visit Hangzhou  
Day13  Party Swing & Prepare for 7 Day Tour
Day14---Day 21 7 Days travel to Beijing, Tian Jin & Cheng Deor  7 Days travel to YunNan-Li Jiang, Shangri-la, KunMing  


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