Dali Bandhnu

    It is also known as plangi or tied colorful cloth and is mainly produced in Zhouchen of Dali, Dacang and Miaojie of Weishan. With pure white cotton cloth or white cotton-hemp cloth as the raw materials and indigo as dyestuff, bandhnu is produced through many working procedures. The patterns on Dali bandhnu are mainly plants and animals.

The bandhnu crafts, which is austere and nature, according to people’s Interest and it is the perfect reflect virtues of Dali people, like the spirit of industry, modesty, holiness, kindness and hospitality.Use the bandhnu crafts stand for cunning and brightness, and represent the unique culture of Dali people and traditional arts.

The bandhnu crafts adopt the folk pattern, it finally becomes a craft that combine art and abstract with practicability after embellished and colored the traditional bandhnu.The bandhnu crafts are sewed by hand needle, and repeatedly dyed by plant dyes that making the color of the products bright and never fade.It is overcome the side effects of the modern scientist dye that do harm to health and diminished inflammation and benefit to people health.

Dali bandhnu crafts of Bai nationality are use cotton, silk cotton, spun yarn, golded-brushed cotton and so no as the material of bandhnu.New products like color bandhnu crafts have been created other than traditional blue and white only.There are thousands of products, as tablecloths, portieres, clothes, national bags, hats, towels, scarves, and bed sheets.