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Welcome to Guangxi Arts Institute(广西艺术学院)

Guangxi Arts Institute (GXAI) was founded by the great Chinese painter, Mr. Xu Beihong in Guilin in 1938. It is located in downtown Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi Province, which has won the China Habitat Environment Award and the Owner of UN Habitat Scroll of Honor for the city's modern outlook and pleasant weather. Bordered by the picturesque Nanhu Lake, it occupies an area of 107,400 square meters. It is one of the six provincial comprehensive arts institutions of higher learning in China and the only comprehensive arts institute in Guangxi. The Institute has seven colleges and a Middle School, namely College of Fine Arts, College of Design, Guilin Academy of Chinese Painting, College of Music, College of Dance, College of Humanities and College of Film & Television as well as the Affiliated Middle School. Guangxi Arts Institute offers 13 undergraduate programs in fine arts, painting, sculpture, advertisement, animation, art design, musicology, composition and composition theories, dance, dance choreography, dance performance, broadcasting and anchoring with 42 majors. It is authorized to..View more

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Welcome to study at Guangxi Arts Institute(广西艺术学院)