Welcome to Jiangxinzhou Folk Custom Village
The Jiangxinzhou is situated on the Yangtze River of southwest Nanjing. The small island is also named Meizizhou, which has a moderate area of 15 square kilometers. On the island, there are lush trees, fragrant fruit, as well as limpid waters. The island has always been called “green precious stone of Nanjing”. Every year, the grape festival is held on the island. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful landscape as well as tasting the delicious grapes.
The Jiangxinzhou Folk Custom Village is an artificial scenic spot which mainly aims on presenting the agricultural features and cultures. The village displays the living conditions and trifles, and represents the customs of rustic customs of weddings, birthdays and funerals, as well as the profound Chinese tea cultures. Moreover, there are workshops which display folk art and dyeing. In this folk custom village, you will experience the interesting agricultural customs and cultures.
Admission fee: 10RMB/person
Opening hours: 8:30-17:30
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