Chinese Courses

provider Beijing Neighborhood Chinese Language and Culture Communication Center(邻家汉语)
A.    Courses & Pricing
Small Group Courses: 
2 to 5 people
Every Normal Daytime or Evening Class (64 hours / level/16weeks )
Level 0: Simple Survival Chinese: 16hours/960yuan
Level 1: Survival Chinese
Level 2: Lower Elementary Chinese
Level 3: Upper Elementary Chinese
Level 4: Lower Intermediate Chinese
Level 5: Upper Intermediate Chinese
Level 6: Advanced Chinese
Timetable: 10:00—12:00 or 13:00—15:00 or 18:30—20:30
Two times/week, two hours/time.
Pricing: RMB 3840/person /level (1-6)
Private Courses (60 hours):
1 or 2 people
Flexible time according to your requirement.                            
Outside 9:00am—8:30 pm, an extra fee of 10% will be added.
Level 0 : Simple Survival Chinese
Level 1 : Survival Chinese
Level 2 : Lower Elementary Chinese
Level 3 : Upper Elementary Chinese
Level 4 : Lower Intermediate Chinese
Level 5 : Upper Intermediate Chinese
Level 6 : Advanced Chinese
two hours/time, RMB 130 per hour for 2-student class (transportation fee is extra)
Business Chinese Class (32 hours courses ):
Experienced teacher teaches business people conversation with costumers, companies, relative business knowledge and vocabularies. Communication within the 5 topics (office, travel on business, having fun and athletic entertainment, talk about work).
Flexible time according to your requirement Outside 9:00am—8:30 pm, an extra fee of 10% will be added.
RMB 3200/32hours (transportation fee is extra)
Children Tutoring Class (32 hours courses)
These courses are designed for children to learn Chinese and develop intelligence Courses include conversational Chinese, character learning, playing games and different activities etc. Teachers with rich experience in children education
Flexible time schedule after school and during weekend
RMB 3200yuan/person( transportation fee is extra)
HSK (32hours courses)
Specially designed for people who want to study for HSK very intensively. Experienced HSK professors
10:00—12:00 or 13:00—15:00 or 18:30—20:30                                 2 hours Minimum Course                                                          
Outside these hours, an extra fee of 10% will be added.
RMB 110/hour for private class        RMB 60/hour for group class
English and other language class (32hours courses)
Student’s study level will be evaluated before starting class. Professional native or local teachers to ensure class quality and efficiency. Flexible study term designed to meet your inquiry.
Flexible time according to your requirement                                    
1.5 hours Minimum Course
From RMB120 to 180 according to your special requirement and language level.
Cultural Class (20hours)
Fengshui / Cooking / Painting / Calligraphy /Chinese Kongfu
Flexible time according to your requirement                                   
1.5 hours Minimum Course
RMB 2000 / person
If you have 3people, we can start it anytime
Regular Short-term Chinese Class(20 periods/week)
Classes begin on the first Monday every month. School begins as occasion demands, if 5 students or above register.
4 weeks  3360 RMB         5 weeks  4000 RMB                                     6 weeks  4680 RMB         8 weeks  6000 RMB
Children Art Class
Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting: Introduction and appreciation of Chinese paper cutting and relevant culture, learn how to cut all kinds of shapes such as figures, animals, plants, landscape etc.
Chinese Clay Figures: Introduction and appreciation of popular Chinese Figures, learn how to use clay to make and create sculptures such as characters, animals, food, etc.
Chinese Painting : learn how to use water color, ink and brush pen to paint on Chinese rice paper then gain the skills to use these tools.
Class Time: 9:30-11:30 Saturday/Sunday
Tuition: Once a week, RMB480 /person/month, RMB900/person/2 months
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