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New Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) as a second language. Our students come from around the world - business executives and individuals that have the passion to learn from people who have the passion to teach. Our approach is based on over 20-year experience in applied linguistic research and teaching in Australia, North America, Hong Kong and China. We are popular and respected because we make the learning experience personal, practical, flexible and fun. Our teaching is dynamic, interactive, rewarding and tailored to individual or group needs. Products and services include private and group classes, corporate training, online courses, interactive DVD videos and CD-ROM, plus a unique 10-90 day immersion program, which is available in China. Combining face-to-face learning with interactive products and online learning tools. We have empowered over 20,000 people with Mandarin skills, including top management and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. Using our web-based services, people can simply log-in and learn with us from anywhere in the world. In addition to our Hong Kong head office, we have 11 centres throughout China and the region, with additional facilities planned for Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. We focus on outcomes and learning results- and the need to be understood.

Our advantage

Our Philosophy We believe in experiential learning and utilize multi-media in order to stimulate all the senses to achieve this experience. The following fundamental beliefs determine how our teaching activities are designed and what students will achieve: To learn a new language is to experience a new way of life; To teach language is to help people develop a new way of being in the world; Language is an action and a medium to communicate with; Learning and using language involves the whole body. Our Methodology The New Concept Mandarin teaching method is built upon sound linguistic principles and many years of scientific research and teaching experience. We INTEGRATE all language skills (speaking, listening, reading & writing). The method makes use of all the personal resources and sense perceptions of an individual. We teach the whole body to learn and produce the Chinese language. Instead of being lectured, students experience the language. Our teaching Method aims to provide: comprehensive language skills; a learning environment which leads to rapid language acquisition; a stimulating, enjoyable learning experience.

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