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  • Former Residence of Eileen Chang

    Former Residence of Eileen Chang

    • Eileen Chang was a Chinese writer with a large number of novels, essays and tralation works. Her works frequently deal with the teio between men and women in love, and are coidered by some schola ...
  • Huangpu River

    Huangpu River

    • If you cruise by the river you will see hundreds of cargo and passenger ships. You don't remain indifferent to beauty of four Shanghai bridges: Xupu, Lupu, Nanpu and Yangpu. The splendid array ...
  • Ancient Town in Metropolis--Zhujiajiao Town

    Ancient Town in Metropolis--Zhujiajiao Town

    • All Chinese are born with a rustic bent. To many people, their happiest daydream is no more than a straw-thatched hut with a small bridge across near a chattering stream. In the suburbs of ...
  • Zhouzhuang


    • Situated in the modern world, Zhouzhuang is like an unreal place with ancient buildings and traditional folk customs. Surrounded by numerous rive, there are deep cartilages and courtyards, stone ...
  • Yu Yuan Garden

    Yu Yuan Garden

    • Amidst the gray high rises of Shanghai there lies an Oasis of greenery and ancient architecture. This place is Yu Yuan Garden and is located next to Town God&quo;s Temple. Yu Yuan garden was ...
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