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Xian Jiaotong University- Polytechnic University of Milan joint-supervision of double master's programs summer camp open


27th August, a team of 8 students and professor Flavia Grassi from Polytechnic University of Milan arrived at Xian Jiaotong University, starting 7 days’ summer camp with students and teachers from College of Electrical Engineering. On the morning of 28th,  camp opening ceremony was held in the north meeting room in College of Electrical Engineering. Professor Mingzhe Rong , executive vice president, professor Chaohong Bie, vice president of school of graduate and Yuxia Song, executive vice president of school of international education etc. attended the ceremony.

On the opening ceremony, Vice president Bie welcomed Italian teachers and students coming from afar and extended cordial greetings to them, vice president Song introduced history of Xian Jiaotong University’s foundation and relocation, and its general international exchange and cooperation condition. Professor Rong explained and introduced development, discipline settings, teacher resources, education mode ect. Of College of Electrical Engineering.

The summer camp was launched under background of two universties’ electrical engineering college joint training double master's programs, aimed at reinforcing the two universities’ teachers and students to understand each other’s teaching mode, training method and so on, providing students who join the united training with a communication platform, and laying a solid foundation for running well combined training of the double master's programs.

The summer camp will be lauched in ways of lecture, conference, exchange, visiting ad so on. Including education method dicussion of College of Electrical Engineering’s undergraduats and graduates , report and lecture about development and prospect in power electronic and intelligent power grid etc. professional fileds, as well as visiting famous enterprisese such as ate Grid, XD Group etc. Young sholars of the two universities experienced and communicated together, benefited from both the understanding of electical engineering and experience of culture difference between the two nations, and got along well with each other.

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