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TCM for Internal Diseases(1)

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1.For Relieving External Syndrome: disperse pathogenic factors from the superficies of the body to relieve exterior syndrome
yin qiao jie du wan (antitoxic bolus of honeysuckle flower and forsythia)
san ju gan mao pian (tablet of mulberry and chrysanthemum for common cold)
ling qiao jie du wan (antitoxic pill of antelope's horn and forsythia)
ling yang gan mao pian (tablet of antelope's horn for common cold)
gan mao qing re chong ji (infusion for treating coryza of wind-cold type)
dou liang wan (pill of douliang)
wu shi cha chong ji (infusion of noon tea)
yin huang kou fu ye (oral liquid of honeysuckle flower and scutellaria)
huo xiang zheng qi wan (pill of agastachis for restoring health
xiao chai hu wan (minor pill of bupleurum)
fang feng tong sheng wan (miraculous pill of ledebouriella)
qing xuan pian (tablet for relieving dizziness)
xiong ju shang qing wan (pill of chuanxiong and chrysanthemum for clearing upper heat)
jin fang bai du wan (antiphlogistic pill of schizonepeta and ledebouriela)
shen su wan (pill of ginseng and perilla)
yu ping feng wan (jade-screen pill)
chai hu yin chong ji (infusion of bupleurum yin)
chuan xiong cha tiao kou fu ye (oral liquid of chuanxiong mixture)
gan mao tui re chong ji (cold-fever-treating infusion)
chai hu zhu she ye (injection of bupleurum)
ban nan gen chong ji (infusion of isatis root)
mei su wan (pill of japanese apricot and perilla leaf)
bao ji wan (health pill)
tian jin gan mao pian (tianjin cold-treating tablet)

2.For Heat-Clearing: Clearing away heat and detoxifying, eliminating dampness

qing wen jie du wan (antipyretic and antitoxic pill)
niu huang jie du wan (cow-bezoar antitoxic pill)
xi huang wan (pill of cow-bezoar)
huang lian shang qing wan (pill of coptis for dispelling upper heat)
huang lian qing wei wan (pill of coptis for dispelling heat in stomach)
liang ge san (powder for cooling diaphragm)
niu huang shang qing wan (cow-bezoar pill for clearing upper heat)
gan lu xiao du dan (pill of gan lu for disinfection)
zhong man fen xiao wan (pill of relieving the fullness in the abdomen)
long dan xie gan wan (pill of gentian for purring liver-fire)
dang gui long hui wan (pill of angelica, gentian and aloes)
dai ge san (powder of indigo and clam shell)
xia ku cao gao (semifluid extract of prunella)
pian zi huang (anti-inflammatory and analgesia)
xin huang pian (new type tablet of anti-inflammatory and analgesia)
liu ying wan (anti-inflammatory pill)
ba zheng he ji (liquid of eight health restoring)
qian lie tong pian (tablet for treating prostatitis and prostatomegaly)
yin chen wu ling wan (pill of wormwood and five drugs with poria)
dan le pian (tablet for gall pleased)
li dan pai shi chong ji (infusion for cholagogic and lithagogue)
jiu wei qian huo wan (pill of nine components of notopterygium)
qing hao bie jia pian (tablet of wormwood and turtle shell)
chuan xin lian pian (andrographis tablet)

3.For Dispelling Wind: expelling wind-dampness and relaxing muscles and tendons, activating the flow of qi and blood in the channels and collaterals

xi xian wan (pill of paulswort)
xi tong wan (pill of paulswort and harlequin)
mu gua wan (chaenomeles fruit pill)
da huo luo wan (large pill for activating channels and collaterals)
gou pi gao (dog-skin plaster)
zhui feng gao (rheumatalgia-relieving plaster)
wu li ba han san (powder for expelling cold with force)
xiao shuan zai zao wan (bolus for removing thrombus to recover functions)
wang bi chong ji (infusion for arthralgia-syndrome)
xiao huo luo dan (small pill for activating channels and collaterals)
huo luo dan (pill for activating channels and collaterals
wu jia pi jiu (medicated wine of acanthopanax)
feng liao xing yao jiu (feng liaoxing medicated wine)
guo gong jiu (medicated wine of guogong
shang shi zhi tong gao (adhesive plaster for relieving sprain, rheumatalgia and myalgia)
kan li sha (sand for dispelling wind and relieving pain)
tian ma tou tong pian (tablet of gastrodia tuber for headache)
tian ma wan (pill of gastrodia tuber)
ren shen zai zao wan (restorative pill of ginseng)
hui tian zai zao wan (restorative bolus with tremendous powder)
xi xian feng shi wan (pill of paulswort for expelling wind-cold)
tu su jiu (medicated wine of tusu)
she dan zhui feng wan (pill of snake bile for expelling wind)
qi she yao jiu (medicated wine of agkistrodon)
kang shuan zai zao wan (restorative pill of anti-thrombus)
xiao shuan tong luo pian (tablet of dissolving thrombus and clearing channels)
hua tuo zai zao wan (huatuo restorative pill)

4.For Eliminating Dampness: Expelling dampness and cold syndrome from body through diuresis or by desiccation

liu yi san (six to one powder)
yi yuan san (powder for restoring health)
da yuan wan (deep reaching pill)
er miao wan (pill with two wonderful drugs)
san miao wan (pill with three wonderful drugs)
bi xie fen qing wan (separating pill with yam)
bu huan jin zheng qi san (wonderful powder for restoring health)
liu he ding zhong wan (pill for easing the middle jiao)
wu ling wan (five drug pill with poria)
ban xia tian ma wan (pill with pinellia and gastrodia)
xiao wen zhong wan (minor pill for warming the middle jiao)
xiang sha ping wei chong ji (infusion with nutgrass flatsedge and amomum fruit for easing the stomach)
shen yan xiao zhong pian (tablet for detumescence in nephritis)
5.For Promoting Digestion and Appetite: improving digestion and remove food retention, strengthening the function of the spleen and stomach. Indications: abdominal distension and pain belching, acid regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, and the weakness of the spleen and stomach

xiang sha yang wei wan (pill with nutgrass flatsedge and amomum fruit for well-preserving the stomach)
mu xiang shun qi wan (pill with costus root for smoothing qi)
da shan zha wan (bigger pill with hawthorn)
zhi shi dao zhi wan (pill with immature bitter orange for removing stagnancy)
wu bei san (powder of fritillary bulb and cuttlebone)
bao he wan (lenitive pill)
jia wei bao he wan (modified lenitive pill)
yue ju bao he wan (lenitive pill for relieving stagnancy)
qi pi wan (pill for activating the spleen)
zi sheng wan (supplying pill)
mu xiang bin lang wan (pill with costus root and betel nut)
kai xin shun qi wan (pill for relieving stagnation and smoothing qi)
zhi shi xiao pi wan (pill with immature bitter orange for disintegrating masses and relieving stuffiness)
liu qu cha (tea with medicated leaven)
min dong jian qu (jianqu from east of fujian)
shun qi xiao shi hua tan wan (pill for smoothing qi, promoting digestion and expelling phlegm)

6.Purgative Recipes: relaxing the bowels and removing retention of food, excessive fluid and other noxious substances. Indications: dry stool, constipation, food stagnation, accumulation of heat of excess type in the interior, edema, fluid retention

geng yi wan (purgative pill)
qing ning wan (pill for clearing away heat and purgation)
ma ren wan (pill with hemp seed)
zhou che wan (pill for relieving ascites)
wu ren run chang wan (pill with five kinds of seeds for causing laxation)
7.For Relieving Diarrhea

si shen wan (pill with four miraculous drugs)
ge gen qin lian pian (tablet with pueraria, scutellaria and coptis)
xiang lian wan (pill of costusroot and coptis)
ke li sha jiao nang (capsule for curing dysentery)
fu fang huang lian su pian (compound tablet of berberine)

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