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China Consumers' Association
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CCA is a national organization legally registered to protect consumers' interests by means of supervision of commodities and services.  


The aim of CCA is to supervise commodities and services; to protect consumers' rights and interests; to provide reasonable and scientific guidance on consumers' activities; to promote a healthy development of the socialist market economy. CCA is funded by Government subvention and social donations.


The CCA Council is the leading organizations. Its members are chosen by the government departments, social organizations, press circles, consumers' associations or committees of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and sub-provincial towns and consumer representatives. The Council holds a plenary session annually. When the Council Secretary-general and vice secretaries-general of CCA are responsible through a standing body, for the overall administration and accountable to CCA 's president.


According to the Law of Protection of Consumers' rights and interests of the People’s Republic of China, CCA and local consumers' associations’ missions are


1 to provide consumer information and consultant services;


2 to participate in the supervision and inspection of commodities and services together with relevant administrative government departments;


3 to report, consult and make advice to relevant administrative departments on affairs of consumers' interests;


4 to receive , inspect and mediate the complaints of consumers;


5 to require appraisal department to appraise the quality of commodities and/or services in case the complaint refers to the quality of commodities and/or services. The appraisal department is responsible to notify the result;


6 to support the infringed consumers in making lawsuits on violations of consumers' interests;


7 to expose and criticize the activities of violating consumers' interests by means of mass-media.

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