Welcome to Baogong Ancestral Temple
Baogong Ancestral Temple is located by the side of the Baogong Lake, in southwestern Kaifeng city, Henan Province. The temple was built in memory of Baozheng (999 – 1062), a clean-handed judge and official from the Northern Song Dynasty. He has always been remembered for his brave deeds done to the poor and righteous, and fearless to corrupt cadres. Today the Baogong Temple takes up an area of one hectare and comprises Big Hall, the Second Hall, Auxiliary Halls of East and West, Half-wall Corridor and pavilions. They are all in old Chinese style and giving solemn and majestic atmosphere.

Garden of rocky sculptures and elegant pavilions along the water are in the eastern part of the Ancestral Temple. You can see the bronze statue of the famous clean-handed judge and the waxwork image of him when he was dealing a case, as well as ancient documents about the life and career of Baozheng. 
The Baogong temple is surrounded by Baogong Lake. It is said that there is a kind of unusual lotus growing here. When its root is cut, there is not any connection any more. Therefore, people praise that the justice of Baogong imposes great influence to everything around him, including the lotus root.  
Bao Qingtian – A Metaphor to Justice
Bao had conflicts with other powerful members of the imperial court as well, including the Prime Minister, Song Yang. He had 30 high officials demoted or dismissed for corruption, bribery, or dereliction of duty. He also had Zhang Yaozhuo, uncle of the high-ranked imperial concubine impeached 6 times.
His name became synonymous with justice, with the clear blue sky (in Chinese qingtian) became a popular metaphor to justice in the Chinese-speaking world. Due to his strong sense of justice, he is very popular in China, especially among the peasants and the poor. He became the subject of literature and modern Chinese TV series in which his adventures and cases are featured.
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