Xidi Village(西递)



Ancient Town in Metropolis--Zhujiajiao Town(朱家角)


A Living Ancient Town--Xitang(西塘)



Tongli Ancient Town(同里)

Colorful and Remarkable -- Shaoxing Ancient Town(绍兴古镇)


Harmonious With Water Ways-- Nanxun Ancient Town(南浔)

Where Time Stands Still—Likeng Village(李坑)


Sea of Fragrant Snow-- Guangfu Ancient Town(光福古镇)

Furong Town(芙蓉古镇)

Pure Land of Spirit—Phoenix Ancient Town(凤凰古城)

Anchang Town(安昌古镇)

Lijiang Ancient Town(丽江古镇)

Yangmei Ancient Town(扬美古镇)

Remains of Ancient Tea Horse Road--Shuhe Old Town(束河古镇)

Dream Home--Huangyao Ancient Town(黄姚古镇)

An Old Town with a Millenary History--Ciqikou Old Town(磁器口古镇)

Tucheng Town(土城镇)

One of Ten Charming Towns in Chengdu--Pingle Ancient Town(平乐古镇)

Lizhuang Old Town(李庄古镇)

Laoguan Town(老观镇)

Langzhong Old City(阆中古镇)

History Pursuing--Anren Town(安仁镇)

Xiangpu Village(象埔寨)

Xizhou Town(喜洲)

Hongcun Village(宏村)

Town of Lotus--Fengjing Town(枫泾古镇)

Sanya Miao Village(三亚苗寨)

Qibao Ancient Town(七宝古镇)

Pingyao Ancient Town(平遥古城)

Tong Li(同里)


About China Ecotourism Year

China National Tourism Administration formulated that 2009 is the China Ecotourism Year with the purpose of promoting the development of China ecotourism and exploiting outstanding ecotourism products. To enrich the intension, improve the quality and strengthen the influence of tourism is the subject of the China Ecotourism Year 2009.more