Xi'an Ancient City Wall(西安古城墙)

Drepung Monastery(哲蚌寺)

Tashilhunpo Monastery(扎什伦布寺)

Xiancan Ancestral Temple(先蚕祠)

Sera Monastery(色拉寺)

Migong Temple(米公祠)

Leizu Temple(雷祖祠)

Palyul Monastery(白玉寺)

Zhaozhou Bridge(赵州桥)

Yongle Palace(永乐宫)

Wuhou Memorial Temple(武侯祠)

Songyue Temple Pagoda(嵩岳寺塔)

Sima Qian Temple(司马迁祠)

Quyuan Temple(屈原祠)

Lvxian Temple(吕仙祠)

Hanwengong Memorial Temple(韩文公祠)

Canglang Pavilion(沧浪亭)

Baogong Ancestral Temple(包公祠)

Zhongyue Temple(中岳庙)

Guandi Temple(关帝庙)

Tanzhe Temple(潭柘寺)

Baidi City(白帝城)

The Historic Centre of Macao(澳门历史城区)

Leshan Buddha(乐山大佛)

Confucius Mansion(孔府)

Chengde Summer Resort(承德避暑山庄)

Xinghai Square(星海广场)

China's First Self-developed TV Tower--Tortoise Mountain TV Tower(龟山电视塔)

Dalian Olympic Square(大连奥林匹克广场)

Pearl of Xi’an--Bell and Drum Tower(钟鼓楼)

Highest Point of Guangzhou--Zhenhai Lou(镇海楼)

One of the Largest Grottoes in China--Yungang Grottoes(云冈石窟)

Vigorous and Virile—Yueyang Pavilion(岳阳楼)

Grazioso Princess--Summer Palace(颐和园)

Audacious Construction--Hanging Temple(悬空寺)

Ethnic and Religious--Id Kah Mosque(新疆艾提尕清真寺)

Combination of Islamic and Chinese--Dongguan Mosque(西宁东关清真寺)

Largest Mosque in China--The Great Mosque of Xian(西安化觉巷清真寺)

Guard of Dynasties--City Wall of Xi’an(西安古城墙)

Cultural Architecture--Wang Family's Grand Courtyard(王家大院)

Symbol of Ancient Chinese Buddhism--Eight Outer Temples(外八庙)

Commemoration of Talent--Tengwang Pavilion(滕王阁)

Taibai Building(太白楼)

Gorgeous Kingdom--Ta'er Temple(塔尔寺)

Crown of Manchu Culture-- Shenyang Imperial Palace(沈阳故宫)

The Cradle of Chinese Martial Arts--Shaolin Temple(少林寺)

Chambaling Monastery(强巴林寺)

Solemn and Religious--Tongxin Mosque(宁夏同心清真寺)

A Treasure House of Cave Art--Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟)

Encourages and Peace--Lingyin Temple(灵隐寺)

Hometown of Confucius--Confucian Temple(孔庙)

Strong Interest in Oriental Culture--Confucian Cemetery(孔林)

Evidence of Achievement--Jin Ancestral Temple(晋祠)

Mythological and Buddhist--Jinshan Temple(金山寺)

First Spring under Heaven-- Baotu Spring(趵突泉)

First Tower under Heaven--Yellow Crane Tower(黄鹤楼)

Romantic and Elegant---Huaqing Hot Spring(华清池)

Civil Imperial Palace—Hongcun Chengzhitang(宏村承志堂)

Sovereign of Chinese Buddhism-- Famen Temple(法门寺)

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes(敦煌莫高窟)

Marvelous Treasure--Jokhang Temple(大昭寺)

Buddhist Scriptures Shrine--Big Wild Goose Pagoda(大雁塔)

Glorious and Magnificent--Xiangguo Temple(大相国寺)

Tastes of the Charm--Chenghuangge Pavilion(城隍阁)

Cradle of Chinese Buddhism--White Horse Temple(白马寺)

Penglai Pavilion(蓬莱阁)

Imperial Palace(故宫)

Temple of Heaven(天坛)

Great Wall(长城)

Potala Palace(布达拉宫)

Chongsheng Temple(崇圣寺)

Dali ancient city(大理古城)

Xi’an Bell Tower& Drum Tower(西安钟楼)

Fujian Tulou(福建土楼)

Tiansheng Bridge(天生桥)

Kaiping Diaolou and Villages(开平碉楼)


Dujiangyan Weir(都江堰)

Terra Cotta Warriors(秦始皇兵马俑)

Beijing’s Magnificence--Tiananmen Square(天安门广场)

Jade Buddha Monastery(玉佛禅寺)

Imperial Monastery—Yonghe Temple(雍和宫)

Stone Forest(石林)

Penglai Pavilion(蓬莱阁)

Presidential Palace(南京总统府)

Historical and Majestic--Beijing Niujie Mosque(北京牛街清真寺)

Yungang Grottoes(云冈石窟)

Daming Temple of Nanjing(大明寺)

Zhonghua Gate(南京中华门)

Nanputuo Temple(南普陀寺)

Mazu Temple(妈祖庙)


About China Ecotourism Year

China National Tourism Administration formulated that 2009 is the China Ecotourism Year with the purpose of promoting the development of China ecotourism and exploiting outstanding ecotourism products. To enrich the intension, improve the quality and strengthen the influence of tourism is the subject of the China Ecotourism Year 2009.more