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School of Sciences理学院
List of Subjects
1 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Information and Computing Science (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Physics (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Applied Physics (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Optical Information Science and Technology (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Chemistry (Bachelor)   Apply
7 Applied Chemistry (Bachelor)   Apply
8 Management Science (Bachelor)   Apply
9 Mathematics (Master)   Apply
10 Physics (Master)   Apply
11 Chemistry (Master)   Apply
12 Management Science and Engineering (Master/Doctor)   Apply
13 Optical Engineering (Master)   Apply
14 Astrophysics (Master)   Apply
15 Applied Chemistry (Master)   Apply
16 Industrial Catalysis (Doctor)   Apply

The College of Science has under it four departments like Department of Mathmatics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Management Science and Engineering; two centers like Experiment Center of Fundamental Physics and Experiment Center of Fundamental Chemistry; seven institutes like Institute of Mathematical Research, Institute of Modern Physics, Institute of Applied Chemistry, Institute of High and New Technology, Institute of System Engineering, Reseaching Center of Rare Earth and Functional Material in Micronanometer, and Center of Relativistic Astrophysics and High Energy Physics.The college has eight bachelor majors of Mathmatics and Applied Mathmatics, Information and Computing Science, Physics, Applied Physics,Optical Information Science and Technology, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Management Science; five first class master degree's authorization centers of Mathmatics, Physics, Chemistry, Management Science and Engineering, and Optical Engineering which cover eighteen second class master degree's authorization centers; second class master degree's authorization centers of Astrophysics and Applied Chemistry; and two doctor degree's authorization centers of Industrial Catalysis and Management Science and Engineering (Class I). Applied Mathmatics, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Management Science and Engineering, and Optics belong to provincial key discipline; Analytical Chemistry and Theoretical Physics belongs to master degree's model authorization center of Jiangxi Province; Mathmatics and Applied Mathmatics, Applied Physics and Chemistry belong to brand majors of Jiangxi Province.Experiment Center of Fundamental Physics and Experiment Center of Fundamental Chemistry belong to experiment and teaching model center of provincial level.

The College of Science has middle-aged and young academic leaders of Jiangxi province with powerful teaching group, abudant researching achievements, advanced labotory equipments, and complete range of reference books. Currently 318 teaching staff work in this college, including 54 professors, 100 associate professors; 82 doctors; 22 doctor supervisors, master supervisors; 1 national teaching master, 1 national model teacher,middle-aged and young expert with breakthrough contribution of national level; 22 academic leaders; 13 middle-aged and young backbone teachers of Jiangxi Province; 11 teachers who receive the state council special allowance.

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