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The principal of the University of Nottingham, Professor Yang Fujia visit our university


On the afternnon 29th Sept. The principal of the University of Nottingham, Professor Yang Fujia visit our niversity, Our university principal, Zhang zongyi and vice principal Ding Renzhong met with Professor Yang Fujia in distinguished guest room of Teng Xiang Building, and introduced history and school running condition of our university. Principal Yang Fujia indicated that it is his honor to visit Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, hopped he could communicate with teachers and students. Person in charge of Foreign affairs office and shool of international business attended the interview.

Later, Principal Yang Fujia came to No. 101 meeting roon in Teng Xiang Building, had a exchange lecture with teachers and students. Vice principal Liu Chan, Ding Renzhong; person in charge of organizational HR department,  Propaganda united front work department, student service work department, teaching affairs office, foreign affairs office, school of graduate, school of international students, study abroad preliminary college; person in charge of teaching and foreign affairs from each training department(college, center) as well as secretaries in charge of foreign affairs and student took part in the lecture hosted by principal Ding Renzhong.


Centreing on the theme of the internationalization of higher education, Prof. Yangjia Fu meandered his rich life experience such study abroad, returning to teach, working for Fudan University, extablishing University of Nottingham Ningbo Branch etc. shared numerous education ideas and international education thought with teachers and students though lively and vivid case. He strengthened that education should people educating first, people educating is to teach student how to behave. He first talked about Harvard University’s moto”Trugh”, then continued to talked about the two sentences in front of the university’s gate: Enter to grow in wisdom." and "Depart to serve better the country and the kind" by which he encourages students to love their country and learn to devote themselves. In the meanwhile, to be a educator he also shared his teaching experience. He advocates to emphasis on “The second class”, develop social practice and quality development inaddtion to learning in class; in educational reform, working way of “Pilot” should be positively adopted, etc. Later, Principal Yang also answered teacher and students’ questions patiently            

About Yang Fujia

Born in 1936.6.11, Shanghai. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, member of Central Research Institute of Culture and History, famous nuclear physicist at home and abroad. Deputy editor of Chinese large comprehensive Dictionary “Cihai”. Graduated from Fudan University Department of Physics in 1958. Chossen to be Third World Academy of Sciences academician. He use to be Copenhagen, Denmark, Niels - Bohr Institute postdoctoral researcher, Director of Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University prefessor and prisdent; now is the President of the University of Nottingham and President Ningbo Nottingham University, became the first Chinese of Chinese Nationality to be President of British famous universities

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