Application time for China Universities:

Autumn/Fall enrollment: All the China universities do enrollment in this time, including both degree course and non-degree course. The intake time begins from April, and 80% of China universities will close their enrollment in the end of July. Only 20% of China universities continue their enrollment to the end of August.

Spring enrollment: 50% of China universities only do enrollment of non-degree, Chinese language learning students in this time. The intake time begins from October, then close in the end of January next year. And the names of the universities which do both the degree and non-degree course enrollment will be released in October.

Applicants should submit application during the intake time, or we couldn't ensure your application can be verified by China universities.

Application processing fee statement:

  1. Doesn't equal to application/registration fee required by China universities. As more and more international students applying for China universities through us, CUAC, and in order to support our business and improve our service so that the applicants could get better and more considerate help, we start to collect Application processing fee 30$ from applicants, this fee doesn`t equal to or transfer into application/registration fee of China universities, and won`t be refunded. After receiving the application processing fee, we will provide the applicants the application All-round tracking service.

  2. Can't ensure 100% of enrollment. The best time to apply for China universities is from April to July (Autumn/Fall enrollment) and October to January (Spring enrollment). If you hand in your application during this time, usually, the applicant can be definitely enrolled. If you miss the best time, as half of the China universities have closed their enrollment, you chance of being enrolled will minimize to the half. There are some other reasons leading to reject by China universities: a, the applicants’ conditions are not qualified for the requirement of China universities’ enrollment policy, mainly due to applicants` age is too young or old, and scores/GPA is not good enough. b. The number limitation for some hot courses. Like MBBS, as so many students apply for this course, usually before the end of enrollment time, the number is full. c. The limitation for nationalities. As to vary the constitute of international students` Countries or regions , many China universities have limitation to the number of each Countries or regions . d. The university which applicants apply for has closed its enrollment. However, we will do our best to help the applicants get into their dream university no matter which situation they meet, as the applicants could apply for 8 different China universities through us.

  3. Our service lasts for two enrollment time. After paying the application service fee, if the applicants failed to be enrolled by China universities by Objective factors, we will offer a free application service in the next enrollment time, giving another chance to be enrolled by China universities. The Objective factors include: a. The application is out of the best application time. B. Lacking of submitting all or part of the application documents, which cause missed the application time. C. Fail to be enrolled by the unexpected enrollment policy change of China universities and the applicants persist in applying the university, don`t want to change university.