Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

Recently, the Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters notify my school, my school was officially approved Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test center, and began to assume since July 2012


. . Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is a national test for non-native English speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese minority candidates) Chinese level established

Grade standardized tests. The examination by the Beijing Language and Culture University HSK center design and development, including basic HSK, the early, middle and HSK

Higher HSK. Exam (HSK) held annually in China and overseas, where test scores who reach the required standard, receive the appropriate level of

"Chinese Proficiency Certificate."

. . Ministry of Education to establish a national HSK committee, which the sole leadership of the Chinese Proficiency Test, and awarded HSK certificate. Committee set up under


Office, called the Office of the National Committee of the Chinese Proficiency Test, Beijing Language and Culture University and the HSK Center jointly responsible for the HSK examination affairs.

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