Established in early 2005,Beijing LEEO is a certified business registration agency and registered consulting service Co., Ltd in China. Familiar with relevant Chinese laws, regulations and operations, we can bring you an effective and speedy service. We are dedicated to provide comprehensive and professional services and constructive suggestions for foreigners, who desire to do business, work, invest or reside in China.
Our one-stop services include Chinese company
registration service, Chinese visa service, China driver license application, Tibet Travel permit (TTP) application, investment consulting, home-stay service and personal assistant service and etc.
Beijing LEEO Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is well recognized by its numerous clients for its professional, speedy services and useful information and suggestions provided.
Address: Room 1503, Aviation Mansion, No. 2 Jia, Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District, 100026 Beijing, P.R.China (500 meters north of Dawanglu Subway Station)
A China visa is a permit issued by Chinese visa authorities (Chinese Embassies, Chinese Consulates, Chinese visa offices or Public Security Bureau) to non-Chinese citizens for entry into and transit through China mainland (Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR have different visa systems). Citizens of most countries are required to obtain Chinese visas before entering China mainland. There are eight categories of ordinary China visas, which are respectively marked with the letters C, D, F , G, J-1, J-2, L , X and Z .
Before you enter into China mainland, you can apply for a China visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country or where you stay. When you are already in China mainland, if you want to stay longer, you don't need to exit from China mainland to apply for a new China visa. Instead, you can have your visa extended or converted through a visa agent. Beijing LEEO can help you do that.
The Chinese visas issued by Chinese Embassies (Consulates or visa offices) have
limitations of each stay (e.g. 030, 060, 090, 120, or 180 days). Make sure you yourself ENTER BEFORE the date mentioned on the Chinese visa. And don't overstay your visa since the limitation of each stay is calculated right from the entry date (the red oval stamp you get on your passport when you enter into China through customs).
The Chinese visas which Beijing LEEO help you get are issued by Public Security Bureau. There are NO limitations of each stay. Thus if it is a 2-entry China visa, it means during the visa valid period, you can exit and re-enter twice. You are not forced to exit and re-enter. If you wish, you can use neither of the entries. Although HK and Macau are part of China, if you enter into China mainland from HK or Macau, 1 entry will also be used up.
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