Benri Mountain
The Benri Holy Mountain lies in the southeast of Pulha of Nyingchi County, north of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. The mountain soars to the sky, dense forests and different flowers in full bloom in different seasons constitute graceful scenery. When spring comes, everything becomes lively. In summer, it is cool and a little rainy, and rhododendrons are in full bloom in the whole mountain. When golden autumn comes, the trees get red and the wild fruit are ripe. In winter, the whole mountain is covered with snow, like a world of crystal and shades of light.
Distinct Religious Culture
Each year during the Shagadawa Festival the pilgrims will come to worship and circle around the holy mountain. In the past seven temples of Ben, i.e. Dazi, Gunqing, Gunba, Dianba, Jiali, Dazuoshuo and Zhongqiong were built around the mountain. On the northern hillside of the holy Benri Mountain there stands a stone tablet carved with the ancient Tibetan characters of the Tubo Period, which is of high historical value. In each August of the Year of Horse, Tibetan Calendar, the disciples of Ben will hold the Horse Year Buddhist scripture Conference here. On both sides of the stone tablet, there is a brown huge holy stone called Jiaqiong (it means roc or big bird). The 35 kilometers long around the holy mountain journey starts from here. This journey can be covered for a whole day and night on foot.
Well-known Tale
There is a tale bout why the Benri Holy Mountain is so attractive. It is said that when Master Padmasambhava entered Tibet to fight with the Ben Sect, once he had a competition with the Ben follower Ngachoe Jebo. It is said that when Master Padmasambhava reached the joint of the YaJiang River and the Niyan River, he collected storms to try to move away the villages and trees along the river. Ngachoe Jebo hit on a good idea to carry huge stones to pressure them in the moment of desperation, and then the villages and trees left. In the result, the treetops in the area are aslant. Later they two had a competition in Guluk (means Padmasambhava) in the foot of the Benri Holy Mountain. Master Padmasambhava tried to ruin the Benri Holy Mountain and transfer hills to fill the Nyong River, but he hailed. So the Ben Sect in Konpo continues to exit.

Now there are some remains left such as the huge stone worshipping, the holy bird worshipping, the ladder to the sky (a high tree lies in the middle of the Benri Holy Mountain. The tree is often around by the frog and cloud soaring to the sky. It is said that it is a tree to the sky and a universe tree. There are different offerings and sutras hung on it. The local people used to bury children's remains in the breaches of the tree in a box. It is said that through that their spirits can enter the heaven), and the holy water and so on.
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