Welcome to China Numismatic Museum
Money can come in many different forms: bulky as bronze shovels, iron knives and gold bars, or as small as shells and silver dollars. With a collection of nearly 1,000 items of currency, this educational museum seeks to trace the evolution of Chinese currency while unveiling the aesthetic values of the Chinese people, and the development of the social, economic and cultural conditions in China.
The China Numismatic Museum is a national theme museum under the management of The People's Bank of China. It mainly engages in numismatic collections, exhibitions and research and is responsible for the numismatic collection guide, enhancement, research and money and coin culture promotion. This museum contains more than 300,000 articles including foreign and domestic money and ancient and new coins. The objects are collected and preserved in six categories, which is ancient money and coins, golden and silver coins, money and coins of minority groups, foreign money and coins, coin moulds and numismatic cultural relics.
Wondering in the museum, you will marvel at the delicate money forms thousands years ago, as well as the wisdom of our ancestors. No matter what material were the money made from, the changing forms and shapes of money displayed the development of the intelligence of people, as well as the subtle mental variations.
Admission fee: 10RMB/person
Opening hours: 8:30-16:30
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