Established officially in Beijing on January 12, 1996, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (“CMBC”) is the first national joint-stock commercial bank primarily held by non-public-owned enterprises, also a standard joint-stock financial enterprise founded strictly according to the Company Law and the Commercial Bank Law. Over the past 12 years since its establishment, CMBC has achieved a rapid growth in both businesses and scale, and maintained good asset quality. Its profits have increased year after year.
On December 19, 2000,A-share of CMBC (600016) was listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, where CMBC issued convertible corporate bonds of RMB 4 billion on March 18, 2003. In 2004, CMBC ranked No.18 in the selection of “China’s Most Dynamic Enterprises”, and obtained the title of “2004 Top 100 Most Dynamic Chinese Enterprises”; ranked No.22 in the 2005 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in IT Competitiveness; in the “Financial and Economic Honors 2005”, it was awarded the title of “2005 Best Online Bank”; and ranked No.1 among the “2006 Top 100 Listed Private Enterprises” in terms of market value and social contribution; in November 2007, CMBC was honored as the Ten-Best Chinese-Funded Banks in the 2007 CBN List of Financial Brand Value, and achieved the award of “Best Trade Finance Bank” selected by institutions like 21st Century Business Herald; in December 2007, the “Extraordinary Wealth Management” business of CMBC obtained the “Award for Excellent Innovations in China’s Banking Industry” and the “Best Personal Wealth Management Brand in China’s Banking Industry”; and the “4th Gold Round Table Awards for the Boards of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies” in April 2008.
Diversified Business
Corporate Finance Business
Include Short-term liquidity loans, Mid- to long-term loans. The Warehouse warrant and movable assets financing, it is a kind of credit business to meet the working capital needs of corporate legal persons with their warehouse warrants, movable assets or rights for goods as collateral. Now the bank carries out this business by means of accepted bank draft, accepted commercial draft, import L/C and documentary credit.
Bank Card Business
There is Debit Card,International Card,VIP Card and International VIP Card. CMBC Debit Card serves as a financial instrument of payments and settlements for saving deposits, consumptions, transfers and bill collections. CMBC VIP card is the marking of CMBC distinguished customers, is issued for the social successful persons for manifesting high status, and also the identification for enjoying the VIP service. The International VIP Card can be used in more than 150 countries and regions to shop with more than 22 million Visa contracted retailers or withdraw cash from 870 thousand ATMs marked with "Visa".
Internet Bank Business
Corporate Online Banking is the outstanding online banking service which meets the development and general demands of the modern enterprises and corporate groups. CMBC Net connects the customers’ computers with the Bank’s mainframe via Internet so as to build a safe and rapid channel linking the customers and the Bank, so that at any time and location the customers can enjoy at home the safe, efficient and prompt financial services provided by CMBC.
Contact Info.
Nationwide 24-hour Service Hotline: 95568
Postcode: 100038
Tel: 010-58560088
Address: China Minsheng Banking Building, No.2 Fuxingmennei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Contact Info of Major Subsidiaries:
Postcode: 100038
Tel: 010-68522716
Address: Jia No. 3, Road Fuxing, Haidian district, Beijing
Postcode: 200003
Tel: 021-53857099(Savings)/021-53857367(Public Units)
Address: No. 48, Weihai road, Huangpu District
Postcode: 518048
Tel: 0755- 82806705
Address: Minsheng Bank Building NO.11 Street Xinzhou Futian District, Shenzhen
Postcode: 400010
Tel: 023-89098349
Address: New Chongqing Plaza, No.18, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District
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