ChinaSpringTour offers booking services for hotels throughout China and the rest of the world, as well as flight booking services for both international and domestic routes. Our extensive selection of guided tour itineraries for China and Asia can be booked online, or browsed to help you decide how you would like to design your own trip using our Tailor made function. We are also the first company in China to offer Last minute deals online - presenting great value flights and holiday packages rapidly to website viewers. Following online expansion, Spring can also offer a host of corporate services through our Business travel stream. Seeking special assistance arranging your holiday? We are happy to offer free travel consultation via Skype, email and telephone.
    ChinaSpringTour is one of the most exciting developments in the recent history of the Chinese travel and tourism industry. The latest chapter in the story of Spring, China's largest travel service provider and operator of premier budget carrier Spring Airlines,
ChinaSpringTour has received numerous awards since its launch in recognition of its excellent customer service record. ChinaSpringTour has also contributed to the growing reputation of Spring internationally

    ChinaSpringTour's team of travel consultants not only have many years of professional experience in the tourism industry, but also have access to resources that allow us to meet all of your travel demands. Browse itineraries online to find something right for you. Want to add something else to your holiday? Just contact the ChinaSpringTour travel consultants and they will make all the necessary arrangements.

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