Chongqing Technology and Business University (Business)

Located in Chongqing, China’s largest municipality, Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU) is a multi-disciplinary university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly in economics, management, arts and literature, engineering, law and science. CTBU confers bachelors and masters’ degrees.
The university covers a total area of 2,014 mu (about 330 acres) with floor space of more than 800,000 square meters. The main campus of CTBU is located on Xuefu Avenue in the Nan’an District of Chongqing proper. The beautiful tree-lined streets of the campus are located close to the Yangtze River at the foot of Nanshan Mountain.
CTBU has a strong faculty, with over 1,700 professors, teachers and support staff. There are some 1,100 full-time teachers, of whom 500 are associate and full professors, 22 are recipients of the Special State Council Allowance and 10 are recipients of provincial-level (or ministerial-level) awards for making outstanding contributions. More than 20,000 students are currently studying at CTBU.

The university consists of 17 schools that offer 9 master’s degrees in regional economics, business management, environmental engineering, accounting, statistics, industrial economics, ideological and political education, and media, as well as 49 bachelor’s degrees in 7 economic majors, 13 management majors, 10 arts and literature majors, 2 law majors, 11 engineering majors, 5 science majors and 1 physical education major. In addition, the university has one school of applied technology and one school of adult education, two Sino-foreign joint ventures including the International Business School and Modern International Design and Arts Academy. The other two financially-independent schools are Pass School and Rongzhi School. Currently three provincial-level (municipal-level) key branches of learning and 16 provincial-level (municipal-level) key courses are offered at CTBU.
The university also runs 20 research institutes including the Center for the Study of the Economy on the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River which is the key humanities and social science research base designated by the Ministry of Education, Regional Economy Research Institute, Techno-economy and Enterprise Expansion Research Center, Accounting Research Institute, Business Planning Research Institute, Bayu Culture Research Institute, CIS Planning Center, Oil Purification Technology Research Institute, Environmental Protection Research Institute, and Green Packing Research Institute.
CTBU has equipped itself with a full range of teaching and research facilities including all advanced multimedia teaching center, a computer center and laboratories.
CTBU has built a complete system of infrastructure, including a well-equipped multi-functional student sports and art center, fully-furnished student dormitories, a standard gymnasium, stadium, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. The classroom buildings are equipped with an advanced level interactive multimedia teaching system and a central air conditioning system.
CTBU attaches great importance to scientific research and technological development. In the past five years, it has conducted 31 national-level research projects financed by the State Natural Science Fund and the State Social Science Fund. Of these projects, one won the first prize of the award for scientific and technological progress by the Ministry of Education, one the second prize award for scientific and technological progress by the state government, 345 won provincial- or ministerial-level awards and 60 won awards for scientific and technological research achievements at the provincial level and higher. CTBU also places special emphasis on putting its scientific research achievements into practical use. A total of 18 products have been awarded national patents.
CTBU is active in conducting domestic and international educational cooperation and exchange program. It runs colleges with domestic and foreign enterprises and has established ties with nearly 20 foreign universities as well as the international service agency in Hong Kong-based MSI to strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation with the USA, UK, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Every year, a great number of nationally and internationally famous experts and scholars are invited to visit, lecture or conduct joint studies at CTBU. In addition, some CTBU professors are sent abroad each year to participate in international academic exchanges or study, receive training or work for a degree overseas. CTBU has also launched student-exchange programs with its foreign counterparts.
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