Changchun World Sculpture Park
The Changchun World Sculpture Park is situated at the southern part of Renmin Street, a main road in Changchun City. Covering land area of 92 hectare, it is a modern city sculpture park combining natural hill and water with human scenery, where, the East and West Civilization of the World, Chinese Tradition and Modern Culture are compromised to embody its permanent theme of Friendship, Peace and Spring.
Changchun World Sculpture Park combines the quality of the modern sculptures together with the traditional landscape gardens, thus became an embodiment of "landscape sculpture garden in future culture”. The designers made the best use of the natural environment and presented to us a theme park that exhibit sculptures and a park featured by traditional aesthetic beauty and modern designing ideas.
Changchun World Sculpture Park is divided into five districts, symbolizing the five continents. In each of the district there is an embossed wall of white marble and two human sculptures made of copper. On the walls carved typical animals and plants on the respective continents while the copper human sculptures represent the human races on each continent.
Another marvelous sight in the sculpture park is a 12,000 ㎡large statuary art museum in which the best sculptures from the five continents are displayed in an exhibition hall. Also, the museum has sufficient facilities equipped with first-class installations. There are display rooms, classrooms, an international conference room and working studios. Besides, the designs of the main entrance, the viewing platform and the viewing bridge are unique. Since 1997, Changchun City has held 5 Inviting Exhibitions on Sculpture. The park now has a possession of 283 sculptures made by 239 sculptors from 84 countries. At present, more than 160 pieces are exhibited in the park. At the coming Sixth Sculpture Exhibition, all pieces will be on exhibit for visitors.
It consists of a giant fist that appeared to be punching through a sheet of metal. It is eye-catching and full of movement and strength.
Friendship Above All
With over 350 individual works by 296 sculptors representing 130 different countries, it’s a truly international collection. Cultures as distant and diverse as the Maya, Eskimo and Maori are represented and every conceivable material seems to have been showcased. There’s such variety of form, texture and design that it truly is a feast for the senses.
The Unseen Helper
The willow trees and great swathes of multi-coloured cosmos form a soft summery edge that hides and complements the myriad sculptures. It really feels like walking in a dream world; a fantasy land of oversized figures and strange creatures. An international flavour of culture, mythology and consciousness; creations to delight and disturb, startle and soothe; they will make you feel challenged and humble and alive.
Admission fee: RMB 20/person
Opening hours: 07:00~18:30 (Sculpture Park), 09:00~16:00 (Sculpture Museum of Art)
Take the bus No. 112, Z306, 270, 240, 130, 252 in the urban city to the park directly.
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