Welcome to Tastes of the Charm--Chenghuangge Pavilion
Hangzhou Wushan Chenghuangge Pavilion, located in North Yan'an Road, near the mountain Wushan Square (San), is a landmark building in Hangzhou. And even including the ground floor, it totally up to of seven floors with the antique style pavilion, 41.6 meters high, integrating the element of Ming architectural style temples, with the major focus, the fine outlined, and it express the whole bird view of Hangzhou get Hangzhou 's River, Mountains and Lake. It is really magnificent mountains and rivers, endless scenery.  
Talk about the construction of the structure of Chenghuange Pavilion. The main Chenghuangge top, with a shape like the gourd-shaped Aquarius, has four vice pavilions which shape for the phoenix. The entire house, not only looks as a group of Phoenix-flying wings, but as the mountains rising to the up sky, extremely fascinating.
The second floor of the East Chenghuange Pavilion, were hanging together in Wushan mountain 800 years ago and Chenghuange Pavilion ground floor hall of the south, west and north, upon window wall lights colorful display of large-scale hardwood "Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty style map" .
History and Culture
For Chenghuange Pavilion, the design, construction, architecture style take into account not only links the West Lake and the City, but also by the allocation of service facilities. In its first and second Floor, with a strong focus on displaying the characteristics of Hangzhou, the local history and culture and customs; in its third floor to the sixth floor, while leisure, viewing and access.
To be the main feature, there are luxury hanging lanterns, equipped with high-grade mahogany furniture, the third floor of the public tearoom, with stage performances; the fourth floor to Refreshments in honor of the guests; the fifth floor has a coffee shop; the sixth floor for the VIP reception and display of valuable products. 69 meters high on the top of the hill, and then on top of Chenghuange Pavilion lean on a railing overlooking the view of Fengtai, North Point Xizi lake, wave-ping as a mirror.
You may see the scenery as waves Adventure, East Vision Urban, high-rise Guangsha, and Clammy times than the scales, bustling markets, and a panoramic view. What is more, you will enjoy the feeling of seeing South view of the Qiantang River, the waves rolling in, disappeared in the cloud water is between; immersed in clouds of smoke. If the night in this view, the city lights flicker, and the sky become bright.
Admission fee: 30RMB/person
Opening hours: 7:00-18:00 
1. Take a flight to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, and then take bus (NO. to Chenghuang pavilion
2. Take direct bus to Hangzhou bus station, then by taxi.
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