Welcome to Dalian Shell Museum
Everyone cannot resist the beauty of the vast ocean, as well as the dreamlike marvelous creatures in the ocean. With lovely shape and beautiful colors, shells are among these charming creatures. Can you imagine a museum which collects all kinds of shells? What a fairy land it will be!
Established in 17th Jul. 2003, Dalian Museum is the first specialized museum in Asia which collects, exhibits and researches shells. The building of the museum is designed by Tsinghua University as a castle. By the way, the Shell Museum also has a name of Xinghai Castle. The red bricks of the museum wears an air of mystery and elegant, with an area of 2,500 square meters.
Walking into the museum, you seem to have entered a world of art. Among the presented 20,000 precious shells, there are not two same shapes or colors. The peculiar shapes, the wonderful colors, as well as the figures which can only be drawn by artists, all make you marveled at the magic of the nature. The museum collects all kinds of shells that from millions years ago, and many of them are extremely precious ones.
Every shell has its own story, and is cherished by the museum. There are over 5000 kinds of shells displayed in the museum, and all of them are from personal collections or buying from the shell fans from more than 30 countries, including New Zealand, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Philippines; experts in the field also donate many precious shells to the museum. The exchanges of shells not only improve the researching process of shells, but also established or enhanced the friendships with the foreign counterparts. 
Collecting and appreciating shells is not only a taste, but also a spiritual nurturing. It can bring you far away from the material world, and get close to the fresh nature. Dalian Shell Museum is such a kind of place for the shells, as well as dreams of the people who love the ocean with their heart content. The most important is that we should appreciate the giving of the vast ocean. It is the ocean that enables us to admire the miracles of the nature.
Admission fee: 30RMB/person
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
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