Welcome to Dongtian Park
Sanya Nanshan Dongtian Park is located at the southwest corner of Mt. Nanshan. It is a scenic spot of national grade AAAA. And it is the southmost travel holy land of Taoism culture in China. Blessed with wonderful view of the sea, mountain, stone and grottos, it has been developed into a scenic spot since Song Dynasty, which is over 800 years ago. Some call it "unparalleled scenic spot in Hainan". In 1962, Guo Moruo visited the fairyland, called "the most fascinating place of south in China". The former secretary-general Jiang Zemin spent a visit to Dongtian park and inscribed a hymn with interest" Blue sea joins the sky at its brink, spring stays all year round in Hainan". It is an international scenic spot with the theme of traditional Chinese culture (Taoism culture), having the seashore spot, amorous feeling of folkways, rest and vacation.
The Most Powerful God of the South - Dragon King of the South Sea
He safeguards the country, coordinates the work between different departments, nourishes all living things in the world, dispenses rains to benefit the earth, and his name was awed in the coastal areas and territorial seas.
Grotto Heaven with a History of 800 Years - The Minor Grotto Heaven
It is located at the foot of the Mt. Turtle and beside Jing Sea. It appears like a gigantic turtle dipping his foot into the sea when looked in the distance. It has long been the blessed domicile of the immortals since ancient times.
6000-Year-Old Evergreen Pine - Nanshan Evergreen Pine
Its scientific name is "Dragon Draceana". It has existed on earth since the Cretaceous period of dinosaurs, and is thus called "the living fossil" in vegetation. The UNESCO has listed it as a species under protection. Common people honor it with the name of "Nanshan Evergreen Pine".
Immortal Creature that Supports the Heaven and the Earth - The Immortal Turtle of the South Sea
Golden scale, dragon claws, decorated with the graphics of Eight Diagrams and the Supreme Ultimate on its shell, the turtle has an imposing appearance. There is no turtle sculpture of copper in China that can be a match to this one. Ascend the Platform of the Immortal Turtle and experience the feeling of "ranking first". Go up to the Turtle-View Pavilion to watch the gigantic turtle in the sea, comprehend the true meaning of life by observing the magnificent view of the billowy sea.
Essence of the Cultural Heritage - House of Xuanmiao
With the Minor Grotto Heaven in the front and the Platform of the Immortal Turtle in the back. With Sword-Testing Peak to the east and the Evergreen Pine to the west. It absorbs the spirit of the heaven and the earth, integrates the essence of the cultural heritage. It inspires boundless and profound thinking, making you comprehend the broadness of the mind, hence the name of “The Major Grotto Heaven.”
Admission fee: RMB 33/person (Full-price Ticket)
Opening hours: 07:30-18:30
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