Welcome to Fangzhuang
Fangzhuang is a vast residential area in southern Beijing. It is located on the northern part of Fengtai District and is bound to the north and south by the 2nd and 3rd Ring Roads and to the west and east by Tiantan Dong Lu and Fangzhuang Dong Lu. Fangzhuang was developed in 1985, and was the first "modernized" residential area of Beijing. It features dense concentrations of high rise apartments, along with several primary and secondary schools, hospitals, a courthouse and the Fangzhuang Sports Park.
Fangzhuang is divided into four neighborhoods: Fangguyuan, Fangchengyuan, Fangqunyuan and Fangxingyuan. The second character of each neighborhood name, taken together, spells, which means the "stars of the ancient city." Historically, Fangzhuang was well known as an area where the affluent of southern Beijing lived.
Fangzhuang Food Street is another food street with comprehensive flavor after Guijie. The special flavor of the restaurant on this street is spicy. It is a good choice to enjoy the Chinese food. In addition to the old Beijing restaurants with a–hundred–year history, there are also restaurants offering the Japanese, Germen and Italian food.
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