Great Wall----The Soul of China
Winds and wriggles on the backbones of countless mountains, the Great Wall stands for the spirit of Chinese people. It represents the wisdom of Chinese people, the hardships they’ve come across and the determinations they’ve shown. Since Qin Dynasty, ancient Chinese had been constructing Great Wall.
It is the soul of this great nation. It is, and it will continue to be remembered and cherished by China and the world. Numerous celebrities including former president of US Nixon and former PM of the Great Britain Mrs. Thatcher have been to Great Wall and marveled at its magnificence. Nowadays, the Great Wall is receiving tourists from the world and telling them the legendary building of China.
According to records, First Emperor of Qin used about one million people to build the Great Wall, some 1/20 of the total population of China at that time. The incredible huge construction quantity and the magnificent wall make the Great Wall prestigious all throughout the world. Great Wall starts from Shanhaiguan Pass in Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province, and ends in Jiayu Pass of Gansu Province, with the length of some 6000 kilometers. No mechanics could help the construction, and the miracle we see today was created by bare hands. What a brave and determined nation! Great Wall is not only a barrier to block the enemies; it is a comprehensive military defending system with cannon emplacement, beacon tower, conducting podiums etc. Nowadays, there are many segments of Great Wall, which were built in different dynasties in ancient China. Among the various segments, the most ancient one was built in Qi Dynasty with a long history of more than 2500 years; while the best-preserved one is the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty.  Great Wall amazed and shocked the world with its great quantity and difficulties of construction, as well as its magnificence and unique significance. It records the prosperity of China, and represents the national spirit of wisdom, brave and tough. It is the miracle of China, and it is the miracle of the world.
The Badaling Fragmentary Great Wall Beauty Spot
The nature sight in the Badaling Fragmentary Great Wall beauty spot is very beautiful. In the spring, the "Xing Hua Po" will cover with the flowers; In the Summer, the "Jing Hua Gu" looks like a blue sea, etc. The Stone-figure of Buddha Cave is located on the north to the Badaling Fragmentary Great Wall. It height 2 metres and width 4.7 metres, deep 5 metres, there is a stone-figure of Buddha in it, which height 2.85 metres. The stone-figure of Buddha has been protecting well, it is very rare.
The Peace Wall
It is located beside The Great Wall full-circle cinema. The ground in front of it is the screes. There are chariots, ancient big gun, sword and spears in the screes. It means that the people hope end the war and pray for peace. There is a picture of the Great Wall tacking force in the wall which would make you excited. On the left, it's the words "不到长城非好汉(He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man)" written by Chairman Mao.
The Memorial to Zhan Tianyou
The Memorial to Zhan Tianyou is located in the north to the Jingzhang Road. It is a set of dust-colour constructions which is divided into two floors platforms. Its outline is very simple, but concordant and grand. The area of the Memorial used to displaying is 1100 sq.m. It contains three displaying halls besides looking with reverence hall and prelude hall. There is a big granite basso-relievo to Zhan Tianyou in the frontispiece of the memorial which long 41.8 metres, height 5.4 metres.
Admission fee:80RMB/person (Peak season); 65RMB/person (Low season)
Opening hours: 6:30-17:00 (Summer); 7:00-18:00 (Winter)
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