High School Affiliated to Fudan University (HSAFU) is located Shanghai, near Fudan University campus, and is among the most prestigious high schools in Shanghai. Each year the high school produces several hundreds of graduates most of who get admitted into well-established universities around China as well as in foreign countries.
High School Affiliated to Fudan University, a boarding key school, is now under co-direction of Shanghai Education Commission and Fudan University. The high school, established in 1950, used to be appointed as a common high school directly subordinate to the leading branches mentioned above in the 1960s. Not until 1962 did High School Affiliated to Fudan University by name become one of the key schools in Shanghai.
HSAFU has so far occupied a campus of exactly 75.96 Mu, (Chinese measure of land). At present, HSAFU has the construction area of about 42,000 square meters and the green fields of nearly 10,500 square meters.
Two reading rooms for the students in the school library with an area of 615 square meters are capable of seating an audience of 364. One room for the teaching materials has dominated an area of 175.6 square meters. Approximately, the information on one hundred thousand volumes in the electronic reading room has been stored in the computer system.
The number of current faculty amounts to 180, including 112 teachers with two master teachers working nowadays. Five more master teachers that retired are re-employed to direct the school education. 45 teachers enjoy the senior professional titles and 46 others have the junior professional titles. 1115 students are classified into 25 classes (a cohort of students of the same academic level) from Senior One to Senior Three.
The purpose of HSAFU education is to lay a solid foundation of the basic knowledge for the students, which actually makes its name for the perfect teaching methodology and down to the ground learning attitude towards the education. Recently, HSAFU, drawing the strength from the traditional teaching method, has tried every means possible to carry out the new research work only to confirm the inner meaning of the basic knowledge to be properly given to the kids in school.
It goes without saying that the education in senior high school is the last stage of the basic knowledge teaching given to the school kids, and therefore the school here just focuses its attention on the student’s individual growth to meet the ever-changing demands of the university. The cozy environment for study is well presented before the students so as to psychologically suit the students with different tastes. Almost all the faculties are greatly encouraged to give the guidelines for the students to become the master of the study, of the school and of the country.
Why choose HSAFU?
Unique location. High School Affiliated to Fudan University has more advantages in its location. It is right situated in the community surrounded by quite a few world-famous universities. The most favorable advantage is that it is adjacent to the borough of Fudan University.
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