Mt. Hua---The First Steep Mountain in the World
When other mountains integrating all-round beauties of elegance, quietness and magnificent, Mt. Hua gathers all the possible arduousness in the world. Other mountains has been discovered and visited since quite ancient times, however, few people had ever climbed Mt. Hua until Tang Dynasty----because its steep cliffs frightened even the bravest man. The cliff is almost vertical with the ground and there are no natural paths to the top of the mountain. Those people who have admired the magnificence of Mt. Hua all marveled at its incredible beauty. On the mountain, temples and pavilions were built on the rocks. Sometimes the buildings are like hanged in the air. Nowadays, Mt. Hua is attracting millions of travelers every year.
Mt. Hua is situated in Huayin County of Xi’an City, about 120 kilometers from Xi’an. Mt. Hua erects on the Weihe Plateau and on the bank of Yellow River. The peak of the Mt. Hua has an amazing altitude of 2155 meters, top of the”Five Mountains of China”. Mt. Hua was recorded in ancient documents. Hua Mountain is affluent in the accumulation of history and culture, and the humanities sights are also abundant here. According to textual research from the famous scholar Zhang Taiyan of Qing Dynasty, the Hua of "Zhong Hua", "Hua Xia" is all named for Hua Mountain. Searching for the relic of Xia culture, we should first look at its pulse Yellow River and its root-----Mt. Hua.
Red Leaves
Red leaves are mainly in Baidou Terrace and Immortality-pill-making Furnace scenic spots. Every late autumn, the leaves of maples, venetian sumac trees and shrubs, all turn red from green. Blazing –red leaves can be seen on the slopes of the whole mountain. Red leaves, blue pine trees, white rocks, and yellow flowers reflect each other, the scenery is very splendid. 
Rimed Trees
Due to too much moisture in the air and temperature go down suddenly below zero degree, moisture condenses into frosty flowers in the branches and leaves of pine trees. This phenomenon easily forms after rain in early winter. When rimed trees come into being, the whole mountain becomes a crystal fairy world, pure and white. It looks very brilliant. 
Sea of clouds
You can see sea of clouds all year round on Mt. Hua and it looks different in different weather. There are steep peaks, continuous ranges, deep ravines and peculiar rocks. Sea of clouds comes into being in these conditions. You will wonder those thin or thick, quiet or active clouds, stretch out along the topography and compose a grand roll of landscape in great momentum. Sea of clouds in foggy days, peaks look like islands floating in the sea; Sea of clouds in rainy days, peaks look like a lady's face covered in a white veil. It will be very impressive. The best places to see sea of clouds include main peaks and Wuyun Peak, etc. 
Pine Trees
Two species of pine trees, Chinese Pines and Mount Hua Pines, grow in Mount Hua area. Most of them grow above an altitude of 1,600 meters. Upright and tall, big and shady, they form a sea of pine trees. Some grow up in the cliff side, some grow up in the crevice, and some grow up in the shape of twins, e.g. "Couple Pines", "Sister Pines", "Brother Pines", etc.
Admission fee: 100RMB/person (Peak season); 50RMB/person(Low season)
Opening hours: For the West Gate-All day; For the East Gate-7:00 am~19:00 pm(March—November), 9:00 am~17:00 pm (December—February)
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