City overview
Hulunbuir is a region that is governed as a prefecture-level city in northeastern Inner Mongolia, in the People's Republic of China. Its administrative center is located at Hailar district, its largest urban area.
On the northeastern tip of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in north China, there is a vast area of grassland called Hulunbuir. The grassland is known locally as the purest on earth because it's scarcely populated and the green grass stretches endlessly into the horizon.
Until October 10, 2001, Hulun Buir was administered as a League. The area is 263,953 km² and population 2.710 million as of 2004, while the gross domestic product was RMB 21.326 billion. The jurisdiction area of the city is actually larger than many Chinese provinces (and 42 U.S. states), and Hulun Buir is recognized as the largest city in the world by area, although the actual urban agglomeration is just a very small part of the region, and the average population density of the area is very low.
Major scenic features are the high steppes of the Hulun Buir grasslands, the Hulun and Buir lakes (the latter partially in Mongolia), and the Khingan range. Hulun Buir borders Russia, Mongolia, Heilongjiang province and Hinggan League. Historically, the eastern part of the area is also known as Barga.
General information
Hulunbuir Location:
Coordinates: 49°12′N 119°42′E/ 49.2°N 119.7°E/ 49.2; 119.7
Region Inner Mongolia
 - Total 263,953 km2 (101,912.8 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 - Total 2,710,000
 - Density 10.3/km2 (26.6/sq mi)
 - Major nationalities Han - 81.85%
Mongols - 8.6%
Manchu - 4.13%
History and Culture
On the northeastern tip of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in north China, there is a vast area of grassland called Hulunbuir. Covering an area of 260,000 square kilometers, the Hulunbuir Prairie is known as one of the three most famous prairies in the world as well as the largest one in China. Over 3,000 rivers and 500 lakes scatter in the area, while the greater Hinggan Mountains pass through. Living here are people of more than 10 ethnic groups, such as Mongolian, Russian, Ewenki and etc., who are engaged primarily in farming, livestock breeding, and aquaculture. With fresh air, unique culture and landscapes, the Hunlunbuir Prairie also enjoys the fame of "pure land in China".
The blue open sky, crystal clear lakes, green grassland......this song is depicts for us an idyllic view of the Hulunbuir grassland. Legend has it that a long long time ago, there lived a handsome young man called Hulun and a beautiful young lady called Buir. The two were deeply in love, but were forced to separate and later turned into two lakes, the Hulun and Buir lakes. This is how the vast prairie where the two lakes are located got its name-Hulunbuir. The grassland is nurtured by hundreds of rivers, large and small, that have made this area highly popular with Mongolian nomads and herders. This paradise on earth has the largest natural grassland in the world. It is known as the Kingdom of Pastureland and has more than 1,000 species of plants. It is also China's largest base for pollution-free food resource for animals.
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