JDL Global Services PTE LTD is a professional consultancy company located within Shanghai City, China. We provide event and conference management, Corporate Travel Management, Visa services and Company registration with a focus on delivering a total service solution. We are a “Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise” and managed by Expat in Singapore and China.
A summary of services offered include the following:
Event management and organization of corporate activities that evolves around marketing, new product launch, corporate image building, brand awareness, social responsibilities and customer loyalty program.
Company Registration Services that assist foreign companies to establish business and tax registrations, advise on legal requirement to establish a foreign wholly owned enterprise in China.
Travel management that assists foreign and domestic company in managing Executives travel within Domestic China. These include management of travel budget, air-ticket arrangement, transportations and hotel accommodations. We provide a one stop service tailored to meet your needs.
Corporate Visa services that assist foreigners to extend their business visa from six months to a year. Our professional visa team will provide you the services and advise you need without you having to leave your home.
Customer who valued high integrity, professionalism, quality and reliability can look forward to a long term business relation with JDL Global.
International Partnership Program
YES, JDL Global is looking for International Partnership to expand our global foot print.
If your company is looking for:
Avenue to expand your customer and revenue base;
Expand your global reach in term of your service level;
Provide fully integrated services from host and visiting countries;
Your company is qualified if it:
Is a consultancy/travel company that has been in operation for a minimum of one year period;
Is a company with major interest in tour management, travel, global re-location and corporate visa services;
Is a company that believed in good customer services;
Is willing to post and allow web reference and link on JDL web site;
Is willing to co-operate on a long term basis with a foreign partner;
Please click on the information link for more information or alternatively, please contact us immediately for a business discussion if you have other strategic partnership requirements and terms.
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