Welcome to Jinping Mengla Hot Spring
Yunnan's jungle-covered karst towers jut out of tropical forests and stand like unearthly sentinels keeping watch over otherworldly landscapes. Awe-inspiring and oft photographed to be sure, Yunnan’s got something for hot springs lovers too: the Jinping Mengla Hot Spring.
Issuing from the caves at 50-60 degrees centigrade, Mengla hot Spring flushes with curative elements run over colorful rocks. Visitors will find a host of curative natural effects, from bubbling waters to "masseuse rocks" that knead muscles as you simply lie there.
Immediate surroundings are well worth the time to explore too. The lush forests conceal ravines, waterfalls, mirror-like lakes and karst landforms under their canopies.
Accommodations can be found in the nearby town of Gejiu, 7 kilometers away. You'll find the four-star Century Plaza Gejiu comfortable, though the befuddled staff might leave you with a raised eyebrow or two.
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