Welcome to Jinshan Hill Park
Jinshan Hill Park is in the northwest of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. It is on Mount Jin which is about 44 meters high and covers an area of 102 acres.
The picturesque scenery of Jinshan Hill Park is made up of over thirty scenic spots on Mount Jin. Throughout history, the park gained its fame for its beautiful landscape, its important status in relation to Buddhism as well as having soul stirring legends. Jinshan Temple, Spring Zhongling (praised as the First Spring under the Heaven), and Jintian Garden are among the most famous scenic spots in Jinshan Hill Park.
Jinshan Temple literarily means Gold Hill Temple, because gold was found in the mine of the hill 1,600 years ago. Now the Jinshan Temple has been the symbol of Zhenjiang. It is believed that the temple was built in Western Jin Dynasty and called Zexin Temple. The architectures there are harmonious with its surroundings as halls, palaces and pavilions built in layer on the slope of the hill. Travelers can see rows of temple halls and houses in the temple's enormous compound connected together.
Besides Jinshan Temple, many other places of great interest can be found. Cishou Pagoda is in the northwestern area of the park, on top of which you have a bird's eye view of the park and surroundings from different directions. Spring Zhongling is to the west of Jinshan Temple. Many poets and articles were written to praise its water because the flavor of tea is more scented when people boil it with the water in this spring.
Jinshan Temple and Its Beautiful Legend
Jinshan Park is a national 4-A tourist attraction and gains its fame mainly because of Jinshan Temple and its beautiful scenery as well as legends and stories. The most famous legend about Jinshan Temple is the "Tale of White Snake". In the tale the white snake changed herself into a beautiful girl, named Bai Suzhen, after thousands of years' asceticism and married a man Xu Xian. A monk named Fahai tricked Xuxian to become a monk to separate the couple but Xu Xian escaped from Jinshan Temple. Fahai then confined Baisuzhen under the Jinshan Temple and caused a big fighting as "Water wraps Jinshan Temple". Now the story goes on and spreads widely.
Jinshan Hill Park may be visited during any season of the year. On every New Year's Eve, from midnight of December 31st to the early morning of January 1st, people usually come to toll the bell in Jinshan Temple to pray for good luck in the coming year. The Jinshan Hill Park Tourism Festival is held yearly from September to October.
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