Run away from the noisy urban lives and get into a peaceful world of nature. To see the flower blossomed and then faded away with cloud drifting away above the sky. In Jiuhua resort you will forget all the tiredness and trouble things.
It has 2300 different types of standard rooms of different grades amounting to 4000 beds to satisfy guests’ personal need.
In elegant Villa Suites, the hot spring runs into the garden directly and makes you feel at home. There is outdoor hot spring inside Fenglv Villa and you can just have a hot spring bath inside without getting out.
In Siheyuan, (or traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard), you can have a peace and quiet mood for its ancient architecture style. Within it, there are zigzag paths and grow small bamboos. With delicate stones as its decoration, it will leave you a sense of refreshment and is the ideal place for you to enjoy pleasurable private life.
Facility and Service
Jiuhua sports center introduces the most advanced electronic scoring system to make sure the result of your competition is exact. You and your family can hold a family match in the dart room. This is a good way to improve the relationship between family members and friends.
Whether simple or luxurious, classic or fashionable, all you have to do is just take a deep breath and then will have a complete different feeling in Jiuhua.
Darting originates from England in the 16th century and soon become popular in Europe, America and Asia. Because darting does not require much room or advanced equipments, people love it very much. Every year people hold many dart matches both formal and informal throughout the world.
Sichuan food is famous for its hot spicy "Tongue Numbing" dishes. Xiang food is characterized by its full-bodied taste. Huaiyang food is widely known for its simple and elegant feature. Shanghai food became famous for its insipidity. Hangzhou food looks lovely. Northeast food is cooked in an optional way. Buffet dinner is easy and romantic. Korean barbecue is exotic and many other snacks are in lovely shape. Wherever you come from, whether you are having meeting dinners, holding wedding ceremonies, family reunion or just a simple friends gathering, all the foods cooked in the special featured restaurants will leave long-lasting aftertaste in your lips and teeth.
Yangsheng Tang, which deals in medicated diet and many other healthy diets, is a beautiful flower blossoming in Jiuhua diet world. Cooks in Yangsheng Tang combines diet with medical materials in a scientific way according to TCM theory and cooking principles and create delicious food with special curative effect. Jiuhua explored a whole new world of medicated diet.
When it comes to weekend in summer and autumn, there will hold outdoor barbecue by the lakeside of Jiuhua Lake.
Jiuhua Spa & Resort is a heavenly place for your recreation and entertainment. There are all kinds of traditional or fashionable entertainment items, which offer you multiple choices for relaxation and make your recreational activities brilliant. In spite of your age, all guests can fully entertain themselves here.
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