Lijiang Ancient Town----Where Time Freeze
Someone said that Ljiang is the only fairyland which was left by God on the earth. Lijiang Ancient Town is in the embrace of snow mountains, accompanied by serene rivers, and bathed in the fragrance of flowers. People live leisurely in harmony with the nature and reserve their primary living styles. It is a virgin land untouched by the modern civilization, and the last pure land for the spiritual quietness.
Lijiang is an important city in ancient China, with numerous minorities. Situated in the joint place of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Lijiang has an altitude of 2418 meters and a total area about 20,600 square kilometers. It is a well-preserved ancient town with 12 minorities, among which Naxi Nationality takes the major part of the whole population.
As early as in Nanchao Dynasty, that is about 1600 years ago, the first residents moved here and the history of Lijiang Ancient Town began. In Song Dynasty, there were about 1000 families. In 1274, the town changed into the present name. And in the following dynasties, the town became more and more prospering. In 1770, Lijiang County was officially established and in 1961, Lijiang Naxi Nationality Autonomous County was set up. In 1997, Lijiang Ancient Town was taken into the list of World Cultural Heritage, and became the first cultural city with the honorable title. Before 1996, Lijiang Ancient Town was an intact land from cultures of Han Nationality. However, with the speed up of modern civilization and tourism industry, Lijiang Ancient Town is influenced by modern features. At present, some Naxi people n longer wear their traditional clothing, and the children of Lijiang are educated in mandarin. You can even see the local residents talking with foreign travelers in fluent English, and the phenomenon is the consequences of commercial driving. Therefore, it is the joint task of the government and tourists to protect the Lijiang Ancient Town in its primary lokkings.
Naxi People and their lifestyle
Lijiang ancient town is enrolled in the list of World Cultural Heritage. The local people still lead a primitive and pure lifestyle in modern times. Majority of the residents are Naxi Nationality. The Naxi people live on farming, stockbreeding and handicrafts. Reaches of the Jinshajiang River is abundant in botanical resources such as trees and medicinal herbs. But for those living beside Luguhu Lake in Lijiang, they still keep the 'walking' marriage which is the only remaining vestige of a matrilineal clan among all the ethnic groups of China.
Unique Bars
Despite of the ancient buildings and stone paths, you can find the other side of Lijiang in the bars. Different from noisy bars in modern cities, these bars have an atmosphere of tranquil and tender, which can be found only in beautiful places like Lijiang. Listening to soft music in the hazy light, tasting palateful wine, murmuring with your girlfriend and appreciating the night scene of Lijiang, you will find an eternal peace and beauty in your heart.
Admission fee: 80RMB/person
Opening hours: All day
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