Welcome to Meizhou Island
Meizhou Island, the second large island of Putian city, lies in 42 kilometers of southeast of Putian urban center and only 1.82 sea mile away from the main land. Being the traffic hub for Fujian and Taiwan folks since ancient times, Meizhou Island has now possessed ferry ports, seaport terminals for passenger ships toward Taiwan of up to 3,000 tons and other convenient outbound transportation facilities, as well as a mature road system covering all spots over the island.
Meizhou Island is a holy land of Mazu. According to legend, Mazu was a mysterious girl in Meizhou, Putian, back at the beginning of Song Dynasty. Of all her life, she had been very kindhearted, helping those in need or trouble. And even after her death, she would always come to rescue ships and protect business travelers. Therefore, Mazu is extensively respected by the later generations. At present, there are more than 5,000 Mazu temples derived from the Meizhou Mazu Ancestral Temple, and over 200 million people in the world believe in Mazu, all of whom consider Meizhou Island as the “Oriental Mecca”.
With the advantaged coastal resources endowed by the nature, Meizhou Island has 13 golden sands, the marine-erosion topography which is 5km long and more than 20 scenic spots. An elegant and colorful picture scroll is formed by the blue sea and sky, the golden sands, the green forests and mountains as well as the strange stones. It is really an ideal paradise for tourism, holiday and seafront sightseeing.
In 1988, Meizhou Island was approved by Fujian Provincial government as a tourism economic zone open to the outside, and as one of the first 12 national tourist resorts approved by the State Council in 1992. It is a 4A national tourist attraction.
The core of Meizhou Island—Mazu
Meizhou Island is the saint place of Mazu Culture. Mazu, born in 960 A.D., was called Mo (silence) because she never cried until o­ne month old. When she was 16, a celestial being gave her a bronze talisman, and from then o­n she grew in supernatural powers and wisdom. Mo ended her life at age 27 and her spirit appeared to floundering ships and guided them to safe haven. From then on, grateful fishermen worshipped her as the goddess of the sea. Mazu now becomes a tie linking the mainland and Taiwan, and has aroused the interest of the world. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the world, especially from Taiwan, flock to Meizhou Island each year to visit the temple and worship small statues of the goddess.
Admission fee: RMB 50/person
Opening hours: 07:00~19:00
Meizhou Island has very convenient land and sea transportations. You can firstly take Fuzhou-Xiamen Highway and make an exit at Putian-Huangshi Exit to Xinwen 1st Level Road and go all the way to Wenjia port (it takes about 2.5 h from Xiamen to Wenjia, and about 2 h from Fuzhou to Wenjia); alternatively you can take the tourist express bus from Putian City (1 bus every 8 minutes; about 50 minutes drive); then take a boat or speedboat from Wenjia port to Meizhou Island (15 minutes and 5 minutes respectively).
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