Mt. Jigongshan---China's Summer Resort
Enjoyed the reputation of “Chinese Summer Resort, Gardens of Cloud in Henan”, Mt. Jigongshan (Cock Mountain) is a famous resort in Xingyang city, Henan province. It has received many celebrities such as Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China; Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Soong Mei Ling; Zhang Hsueh-liang etc. From ancient time till now, Mt. Jigongshan has been admired as a necessary resort for those famous people to escape from hot summers. It has eight wonderful sceneries, Buddha’s Light, Sea of Clouds, the Rime, the Vergla, Rosy Clouds, Exotic Flowers and Herbs, Unique Peaks and Rocks and Waterfalls and springs.
History and Culture
The mountain is composed by grotesque rocks, rivers, waterfalls, rare flowers and grasses, rural gardens, and unique towers and pavilions. The weather is changeable there as before the lunch time, the weather is warm as spring, the afternoon is cool as autumn, and in the night, it is cold like winter. The nature reserve is known as the treasure of natural creatures and the green pearl in south Sichuan for its well-preserved natural environment. Timber storage reaches 260,000 cubic meters, and forest coverage is over 97%. There are more than 3,000 species of creatures living here, including 2,061 plants.
As a dividing line of the south and north, the mountain lies in the transitional area of Subtropical zone and warm temperate zone. Climate here is suitable for the growth of plants across the country. The vegetation coverage reaches over 87%. There are over 2,000 kinds of plants, of which more than 600 are TCM herbs and therefore the mountain is reputed as a natural botanical garden. Li Shizhen, a famed doctor in ancient China had once come all the way to the place. He found a lot of medicinal herbs here and enriched enormously his famous book, Ben Cao Gang Mu or Compendium of Material Medical. At the beginning of last century, the western botanists had made researches and experiments here in Mt. Jigongshan. No doubt, it is an ideal research and teaching base as well as a natural green gene base.
Admission fee: 35 RMB/person
Opening hours: all day
Take train and get off at Jigongshan Station and then take local bus to the Mt. Jigongshan Scenery Spot.
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