Mt. Lu---Elegant and Charming
Erected on the Boyang Lake Basin, Mt. Lu is like a huge door of Jiangxi Province. Since ancient times, the Mt. Lu is prestigious for its magnificent mountains and beautiful sceneries. Mt. Lu is especially famous for its cool climate in summer. The average temperature in July is 22.6 degree centigrade, and the historical record of highest temperature is 32 degree centigrade. Therefore, it is an ideal touring place for hot summer. Different from other famous mountains in China, Mt. Lu has plenty of streams, pools and waterfalls. Water makes mountains more elegant and spiritual, and the mountain became tender and soft because of water. Mt. Lu not only has beautiful sceneries, but also has great significance in culture, religion and politics. Thousands of writers, poets and scholars had been to Mt. Lu since ancient China, and more than 4000 literal works were left to eulogize its beauty. Now Mt. Lu owns a lot of titles, including World Natural Heritage, China 5A tourist attractions, China key tourist attractions, etc. Mt. Lu is embracing travelers from all over the world.
Mt. Lu is situated in the north of Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City. Erected on the southern bank of Yangtze River and next to Boyang Lake, Mt. Lu has a total area of 382 square kilometers. The mountains are all sharp and arduous, and most peaks have altitudes above 1000 meters. Since ancient China, Mt. Lu was the favorite place of writers, poets and ordinary people. In Qing Dynasty, it was occupied by foreign troops with force and not until 1935 did the mountain was returned. At present, Mt. Lu is also one of the most famous mountains of China, which attracts millions of tourists every year.
The Dragonhead Cliff
Besides a craggy cliff, it springs up some thousand feet out of the ground, rearing in the sky like a dragon head. Standing at the top, one can enjoy a bird's eye view of the millions of steep wall-like stones and hear the surfing of wind in the pine forest mingled with roaring of the waterfalls in the Stone Gate Ravine.
Academy of White Deer Cave
In the valley of Wulanfeng stands one of the oldest institutions for higher learning in China. It was establish on A.D. 940. The teachings were first centered on the teachings of Confucius. The founder raised a pet white deer, thus its name "Academy of White Deer Cave". In the courtyard there is the Tablet Corridor, The Sacred Gate of Ceremony and White Deer Cave.
The Five-old-Man Peak
Five olds peaks exist side by side, like five old men chatting with each other. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Libai left us poem about the beautiful scenery here. There are five little peaks coming in every shape before the peak, and tourist can enjoy stone engraving of rock on the peak, and yingke pines here. Seeing from the top of it, there is splendid view of sunrise. If it is foggy, people even can hear "the sound of fog".
The Three Cascade Waterfall
Originating in Dayue Mountain, the spring angles around the backside of Five-Old-Men Peak and pours into Nine Tier Gully, crashing twice upon rocks, and then converges into a torrent, and drops once again. Driven by the gully wind, the tiny drops dancing in the misty air, sparkling in the sunlight and falling like countless dazzling pearls.
Admission fee: 180RMB/person (Peak season); 160RMB/person (Low season)
Opening hours: 6:00-20:00
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