Welcome to Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Resort
Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Resort is a natural hot spring resort of Nanjing Military Region, with a total area hospital Tangshan Spa, located in scenic areas on the eastern outskirts of Nanjing - Tangshan Town. Fresh air resort with a pleasant climate, peaceful environment is a heaven-sent natural ecological park.
It is far from 28 kilometers (17.5 miles) east of the eastern Zhongshan Men (Zhongshan Gate) in Nanjing's ancient city walls the Tangshan Hot Springs bubble up amidst pleasant surroundings.
Purportedly a source of healing vapors and waters, the Hot Springs have welcomed emperors, high officials, and local citizens for centuries to cure skin diseases, arthritis, neuralgia and many other ailments. Locals tout the benefits of the odorless water, which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium and averages between 50°C-60°C (122°F-140°F).
Facility and Service
Today, a modern resort is being developed adjacent to the springs. The Tangshan Hot Springs are not to be confused with the Tangquan Hot Springs in Pukou, northwest of central Nanjing, nor should they be confused with the Tangshan area north of Beijijng. Club will organize a hot spring trip to help you relax in the New Year holiday and release the working stress, the ES Hot Spring Holiday Inn has different kind of hot spring offered with different function for your health and skin.
With the modernization of the pace of development, apart from the army cadres to undertake the task convalescence, the use of existing equipment and the formation of a hot springs spa, conference, training, medical logistics community to highlight new ways of management, It takes the troops high standards and local implementation of the combination of the militarization of the operation management, hotel-style services, by the praise from all walks of life outside the military, the army as a model for quality convalescence holiday!
The purposes of their service are: satisfaction with the first, the effectiveness of the second. Rooms Center composed of Qingquan villa and 6 buldings, a total of 218 beds. The layout is following the tendency of the mountain, with simple decency, or bright. He was spewing the introduction of the hot springs bath in each room to make their own villa. A celebrity Xu Shiyou General Villa (Villa No. 6), there are configuration outdoor pool, Bath Villa on the 4th, Japanese-style spa villas on the 1st.
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