Rhyme Culture is the center for foreigners to learn Chinese, know more about Chinese traditional culture, and offer various convenient services. Rhyme Culture spares no effort to offer a comfortable platform for study, life, and culture tourism on the basis of high quality service. Rhyme Culture has been known for its professionalism, efficiency and excellent service.
For the purpose of enriching your life, Improve the ability of language application with infinite pleasure and having a better understanding of China’s culture, Rhyme Culture is devoted to constructing a platform for you to learn Chinese history, to improve Chinese language and to make friends through a series of colorful cultural tourism activities.
Rhyme Culture tourism is specially devised to spread traditional China’s culture world widely. In hand with tourist agencies and other social institutions, Rhyme Culture provides chances for you to explore a different human civilization in China.
Teachers of Rhyme Culture are all professionals with ample experiences and relative certificates in teaching Chinese. With great communication skills, they would use advanced teaching theory and effective teaching methods to provide every student with great effect for their study.
Rhyme Culture has designed various Chinese courses, arranging from primary to advanced level. Rhyme Culture also provides the professional training courses including HSK, Business Chinese to meet the demands of the students.
The arrangement of courses features for flexibility. Taking the students’ schedule and timetable of work into account, Rhyme Culture would do its best to adjust the time for students and provide them with maximum convenience.
Rhyme Culture also set up vivid and interesting Chinese traditional culture courses, including geomantic omen, Change(Zhouyi), Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Shadowboxing, Beijing Opera, Paper-cut, The art of Chinese Tea, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Cuisine and so on.
Rhyme Culture would serve you with our great passion and carefulness. In order to ease your living in China, Rhyme Culture would help solve your inconvenience, including Visa, renting houses, IP telephone, housekeeping services and so on.
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