The Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) is China's leading expo center, boasting state-of-the-art facilities. Situated in Shanghai's Pudong district, the heart of Chinese business, SNIEC has attracted worldwide attention since its opening in November, 2001. Featuring a prime, easily accessible location, a pillar-free, single story structure and a wide array of expert on-site services, SNIEC has been experiencing rapid growth. It now hosts more than 60 world-class exhibitions each year and this number is set to grow in the future.
Currently, SNIEC has 11 exhibition halls with 126500 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 100000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space.
SNIEC plans to complete of all its facilities and reach full exhibition capacity by 2010. By then, the Center will contain 200,000 square meters of indoor floor area and 130,000 square meters of outdoor area. SNIEC's future expansions will cement its market leadership in China and secure Shanghai's position on the forefront of East Asian exhibition destinations.
SNIEC is a multi-functional venue that also caters to a diverse range of both social and corporate events.
Being a partner for significant international guest shows, SNIEC is set to provide a global platform for exhibitions and event activities in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market. Strategically located in Shanghai, the gateway to a market of over 1.3 billion people, SNIEC has won an unprecedented success since its grand opening in November 2001 with attracting more than 2 million visitors and 20 thousand exhibitors annually. SNIEC is proud to see that the concept of the brand, SNIEC, is being well received by the exhibition industry.
Looking to the future, SNIEC is confident that innovation and partnership are vital success factors that will take it forward in a constantly changing environment and enable itself to further new competencies to enhance the value it offers to the customers and to fit “globalization and speed”, the concepts which are necessary for the 21st century.
As the first joint venture to construct and operate an international exhibition centre in China, SNIEC has been experiencing solid and rapid development since its official opening. Currently, it plays host to more than 70 world-class exhibitions each year with more shows planned for the future. As market demand increases and the facility expand, SNIEC expects to further enhance its reputation and cement its market leadership in China.
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