Established in 2001, Shenzhen Jiajule Housekeeping Service is a large brand chain enterprise specializing in housekeeping service. The general headquarter is located in Shenzhen. Now, the company owns 8 branches and 50 brand chain enterprises at home and abroad.
Since its establishment, it has offered over 50000 services for the customers. In the beginning, the company was in a traditional service mode. And after several years’ development, it has activated it business into child care service, education training, cultural media and network development.
The company has been getting concern and support from government since the establishment. It has won many honorary titles, such as Excellent Unit of Honest Service of national home service industry organization, Special Honor of Chinese Housekeeping Service, Innovative Unit and so on.
The working range of the company is rather wide. They provides such services as home service, maternity matron service, child-care service, hour attendant, home service training, labor receiving service, and foreign-related home service.
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