Found in 2001, Shenzhen YST Auto Leasing Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers of auto leasing company in Shenzhen. Ranged in the top and regarded as the guide, it owns almost 150 vehicles now!
YST has adopted MIS and established professional driver team, high quality customer service center, honesty culture and personally committed teamwork. With the vehicles manage Dep., customer service Dep., sales Dep., VIP & Mr. Huge Client Dep., YST can support high quality service of warm, delicate, honest and on time.
From 2002 to now, YST has made huge investment by cooperating with ShenDa Telecom Co., and launched the telephone booking service. By following the slogan "one call, one car will be under your downstairs", YST facilitates citizens and enterprises, and gets big society benefits and economic benefits.
Among some big fairs and conference activities, YST demonstrates its professional and powerful organizing ability, and gets general consent of various fields. YST is the "appointed vehicles using enterprise of the News center of the Hi-Tech Fair" and "appointed vehicles using enterprise" of Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair".
Furthermore, YST has serviced for various enterprises including some of the top 500 global corporations, and become their reliant vehicle using enterprise and strategy partner.
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