City overview
City Impression
- Oriental Hawaii
- The most pure paradise in the south of China Sea
1---The torch relaying of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games starts from here.
1---The air quality in Sanya is ranked as the first one in China.
1,263---Average annual precipitation is 1,263 millimeters
Geography and Climate
Sanya is an important trade port known as the “south gate of China”. Lying between 18 09′ and 18 37′ latitude, Sanya is located in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. Sanya has an area of 1919.5 square kilometers with Lingshui to the east, Baoting to the north, Ledong to the west and the South China Sea to the south. Backed by mountains and facing to the South Sea, Sanya has the coastline of 209.1kilometers with 19harbors. The highest elevation in Sanya is Luhuitou Peak Park that overlooks the whole city.
Thanks to the tropical coastal monsoon climate, Sanya is an ideal place for living and spending a holiday. The temperature is pleasantly warm even in the middle winter and the city is covered by blooming flowers all the year round. The annual temperature is 25.7C, with the highest monthly temperature at 28.7C in June and the lowest temperature at 21.4C in January. Sanya is famous for its fresh air with the nickname "natural oxygen bar”. The beaches of Sanya are hot spots attracted tourists from home and abroad. The seawater with a temperature of no less than 20 degree is an excellent place for swimming and bathing
History, Culture and Arts
Historically Sanya was called Yazhou in ancient times with a recorded long-lasting history. In March 1992 archeologists discovered the 10-thousand-year human relics of Sanya at luo Cave, which brings forward the human history of Sanya to two to three more thousand years. The relics is the earliest one as known resided with human being, is as well as the southernmost relics in the culture of China's Old Stone Age. Along the coast ancient Persian's grave groups were found.

As early as in Qin Dynasty three counties were set under jurisdiction of the central government, Yazhou, or called Xiangjun was one of which. Han Dynasty established Zhuya County, Sui Dynasty set Linzhen and Tang Dynasty changed it to Zhenzhou for today's Sanya. By Song Dynasty Sanya had become the southernmost country of China. As Sanya lies remote from the mainland and the central government, it has long been called "the end of the earth" since old times. The prime ministers Han Yuan and dignitary monk Jian Zhen of Tang Dynasty, the famous prime minister Zhao Ding, minister Hu Quan and the weaver Huang Daopo of Song Dynasty have all stepped feet in Sanya, who has made great contributions to the development of regional economy and cultural exchanges.

Yaxian County was liberated in April 1950,and the county government was established. In October 1954 the administration of CPC Yaxian Committee was relocated from Yacheng to Sanya. In 1958 Yaxian was relocated from Yacheng to Sanya. In 1958 Yaxian was emerged with Baoting, Lingshui, Niulou and Xinglong of wanning to become a big county, which were separated in 1959 and 1961 to set Baoting and Lingshui While Yaxian County remained its current prefecture. Approved by the State Council of China, Yaxian was upgraded to Sanya City on September 26, 1987. On December 30 on the same year, Sanya City was officially named and performed accordingly.
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