Welcome to Shangchuan Island & Xiachuan Island
Shanghai Island
Shangchuan Island has always been called as “lotus at South China Sea”. It is located adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, covering gateway of Guangzhou to Zhanjiang and Hainan. It is the largest coastal island in Guangdong with all year long spring-like weather of subtropical marine monsoon climate, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Its maximum temperature is 35.7 and minimum 3 with an average annual rainfall of 2,300 mm. Annual adaptive period of traveling is over 300 days.
Shangchuan Island is composed of one main island and 12 small islands. covering an area of 156.7 square kilometers.With 12 small islands circled the main island, this island has coastline of 171.28 km and 12 coastal beaches of more than 30 km long. The beaches, with clear water and sands but no pollution or sharks, are broad and beautiful. The varied Gold Beach, Silver Beach and Sand Beach are all at eastern coast of Shangchuan Island. Sand Beach is well-known so it is on a par with famous Hawaii Bathing Beach. Shangchuan Island, the sea holy island, has attracted everyone with natural landscape and rich human background…
Xiachuan Island
Xiachuan Island, a half-fishing and half-agriculture island, locates at 6 miles away from the south of Shangchuan Island. It has a coastline of 187 miles and annual average temperature of 23, just likes a glittering pearl with charm.
Xiachuan Island is a place of “facing to the sea, full of attractive scenes”, where you may enjoy the picturesque WangFuZhou, Big Bay, Single Bay and other beaches, vigorous Litchi Bay virgin forest, Guanyin Mountain, Dragon Daughter Cave, Sound Rock and other natural landscapes with scattered subordinate islands and magic legends and stories. Sightseeing, observing waves, bathing in sea, surfing, swimming and fishing are pleasant ways of resting. Xiachuan Island is really a rare oversea tourist resort.
Xiachuan Island impresses tourists with “lively greens”. From the seas to the mountains, from fields to the courts, the vigorous green scenes have touched massive tourists’ hearts. Especially the extensive love trees have brought tourists coolness and imagination. Coconut forest is another feature of Xiachuan Island. The coconut trees grow well in this place with much juiciness and flesh. From Coast Garden to Wang Fu Zhou Resort the coconut forests are prosperous. When wandering under the coconut forests, you may strongly feel the poetic and picturesque charm of coconut tress and seas. That forest path is the famous “lover road”, where you may have a walk with your lover, enjoying romantic and everlasting love. Clumpy bamboo forest, up right plantains, and fruitful papaya trees further impress you a lot.
Admission fee : Shangchuan Island: RMB 116/person; Xiachuan Island: RMB 136/person (For reference)
Opening hours: 08:00-17:00
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