City overview
City Impression
The biggest city in China
"Oriental Paris”
Biggest Industrial base, largest foreign trade port
The host city of World Expo, 2010
20,000,000 --- Quantity of the resident population in Shanghai.
751 --- Shanghai is just built up in 751AD.
2648.6--- The urban areas in Shanghai are 2648.6 square kilometers.
54 --- Accounting for 54 ethnic groups of 56 in China.
73,124 --- The average GDP per person (RMB)
Geography and Climate
Shanghai is located on the west coast of the Pacific and the east of Asian continent. It is the center point between the North and the South Coast in China. It is also the confluence where Yangtze River and Qiantang River flowing into the sea. What’s more, it is part of the alluvial plain on Yangtze River Delta. The average height of Shanghai is about 4 meters above the sea level. Shanghai city has a total area of 6,340.5 square kilometers.
Shanghai has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall. The climate is mild and humid. Being there we can find the spring and autumn are short but summer and winter are long. Rivers and lakes are numerous in Shanghai. The water area is about 697 square kilometers, accounting for 11% of the total area of the city.
Evolution History
A small number of fishermen who lived along the Song River (now Suzhou River) in the Fourth and Fifth century’s Jin Dynasty is the first group of residents in Shanghai. Huating County, which was established during the mid-Tang Dynasty, is considered as the beginning of the construction of Shanghai. During the Ming Dynasty, Shanghai gradually flourished. In 1553, in order to resist Japanese pirates, the Emperor ordered to build Shanghai City which was vested in the jurisdiction of Songjiang Prefecture. After the first Opium War, according to the Sino-British Treaty of Nanking signed in 1842, Shanghai was opened to be one of the five foreign trading ports of China in 1843. The United Kingdom, the United States and France gradually set up settlement in Shanghai. In 1854, Shanghai evolved into an independent concession that is out of jurisdiction of local governments. In 1927, the ROC government set up the special city "Shanghai” out of concession. Shanghai, from the legal speaking, is out of jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province officially. April 1, 1928, the Nationalist government established the capital in Nanjing. Because of geographical advantages, Shanghai then becomes the country's economic and financial center, until today.
Modern Development and Living Environment
The bulk of Shanghai buildings being constructed today are high-rise apartments of various height, color and design. There is now a strong focus by city planners to develop more "green areas" (public parks) among the apartment complexes in order to improve the quality of life for Shanghai's residents, quite in accordance to the "Better City - Better Life" theme of Shanghai's Expo 2010. By the end of 2005, the registration report for World Expo has passed inspection by the Bureau International des Expositions; the city has finished the legal procedures for hosting the World Expo 2010.
As China's most economically developed city with the highest degree of urbanization, Shanghai has a busy pace of life and high level of consumption like the most international metropolises in the world. But it also determined that the people in Shanghai have a high quality of life. In recent years, Shanghai’s rapid development made its degree of modernization far ahead other cities of China. The tall buildings placed closely side by side, the subways shuttle in the city, bustling business circles and sound security environment all make the ancient and vibrant Shanghai give off vigor. For those people who love the tranquil and leisure life, Shanghai is indeed not a good place to live. On the contrary, for people who love the busy urban life, Shanghai's prosperity and convenience will make them appear to live in heaven. Shanghai's rapid development also determines its economic center position in China, whether working, investing, or venturing in China, Shanghai is an ideal choice. Shanghai has the same tolerant temperament as New York. It is vigorous and full of vitality, but it is also bothered by problems of all big cities, for example, the high cost of living, housing prices and not very good air quality. However, these issues do not affect Shanghai's unique charm. It is the Pearl of the orient shining in China.
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